Joker Joins the Fight in Smash Ultimate


Photo by Maricruz Reyes and Rice

Story by Josette Rivera, Staff Writer

  Originating from the “Persona Universe and after the long awaited excitement from fans across the globe, the character the Joker has been released to Super Smash Bros. First announced at the 2018 Game Awards, on Dec. 8, the Joker has long since been speculated on what his moves, special attacks, tiers, and stats would be, as well as what power Kirby would take from him, which roused both long term fans of “Smash and game franchise, “Persona.” Now all those questions and hopes can be put to rest in the new downloadable content (DLC) 3.0 update that can be purchased for $5.99.

  “Smash Bros has a long history of bringing non-Nintendo characters on board. His [Joker’s] abilities appear to be unique to him and not an echo of a pre-existing character, which gives the game a bit of freshness,” Zach Ahern (12) said.

  The character design honors Joker’s appearance in his first game in “Persona 5 as the Phantom Thief with his signature black ankle-length tailcoat, white and black mask, and bright red gloves. As a pride of the “Smash games, Joker looks as if he was pulled directly from his own game.

  While not the strongest nor the fastest character in “Smash”, Joker is swift with great agility and mobility. He may not be the best fit for button mashers, his gameplay requires the long game to be played with careful moves and attacks. Joker works best with strategy, not brute force. Armed with a dagger for close combat and a pistol for long-ranged combat, Joker bombards his opponents with attacks from all directions. What he lacks in raw power he makes up for in mobility and innovation.

  The Final Smash is an intense and beautiful scene as the background turns to a scarlett red and the stage shadows to black. The Joker slashes his opponent before unleashing an array of slices along with his Phantom Thieves to deliver the final blow.

  For fans and mains of Kirby, this DLC means that the pink icon can gain not only Joker’s signature looks but his pistol as well. Kirby’s interesting new look has gained him the nickname of “Jorby” from the fans.

  “Joker’s a hyper aggressive character that rewards you for taking risks and committing to an actions. His slippery movement allows him to get in and out easily. Though his base form doesn’t do much damage, his stylish combos and incredible edge guarding makes up for that. When he activates his persona, he becomes a powerhouse with powerful attacks while maintaining the safety and speed of a light Rushdown character,” Timothy Joosten (12) said.

  While several issues with game lags and crashes have risen due to the new DLC, Joker has been received with a warm and pleasant welcoming from long-time and new fans of both popular games. Along with the new fighter, the 3.0 update includes a stage builder, a video editing tool and Smash World interrogation, a DLC Spirits option in the vault shop, and more. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the second best selling Smash Bros game and a fan favorite, and this new update and character have made it even better. Buy the game and download Joker’s update for some amazing action, great gameplay, and a guaranteed fun time!