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Josette Rivera
As a senior at Mission Hills High School, I am working as a staffer for The Silvertip for the first and last time, and hope to learn as much as I can about the writing style and improve my skills and knowledge. My passion is to write informative articles on topics that are usually swept under the rug, especially when pertaining to mental health. Outside of my adoration for reading and writing, I have a mighty love for music and have been a member of the MHHS Choir since freshman year, and am the first student since the reestablishment of the Choir six years ago to attend all four years. Besides Choir, I have also turned to Musical Theater as a place to use my voice, this year I'll be in my first and last High School musical. Taking joy in my passions, following after what makes me happy, and never letting it be too late has greatly shaped my personality and current path for the future.

Josette Rivera, Staff Writer

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