Seykora embraces stardom


Photo by Will Seykora

Seykora stares down his future

Story by Josette Rivera, Staff Writer

  Formerly shy, William Seykora has learned to come out of his reclusive shell by becoming a member of cross country, track, drama, and ASB on top of being Chewy—the Mission Hills mascot—for two years. Seykora gained the courage to break out of his comfort zone through extracurricular activities and peers who surrounded him.    

  “My time here has been great. I can’t imagine going to high school anywhere else. Here, everyone is so welcoming; there’s not a lot of cliques, and people can move around and be who they want to be,” Seykora said.

  The day he was told he was accepted into ASB was his proudest moment of high school and has changed his life for the better.

  “I still remember the day that I got the slip that told me that I made it into ASB. Knowing that the school viewed me as someone they wanted in ASB and that I went from someone who didn’t like getting noticed to someone who was in ASB made me really proud of myself,” Seykora said.

  After graduating from Mission Hills, Seykora is planning on attending the University of Colorado to study pre-law. Seykora intends to run for a seat in the House of Representatives with hopes of also being a presidential candidate. As a star in ASB and on stage, success is the only thing in store for Seykora.