The Silvertip

2018-2019 Staff

Jocelynn Beltran

Co-Editor in Chief

Hi, there! I'm a senior, and this is my second year of being the Editor in Chief of The Silvertip. I joined Journalism my freshman year to become a better writer and familiarize myself with the campus in order to feel more comfortable...

Elizabeth Parks

Co-Editor in Chief

As a senior at Mission Hills High School, I hope to leave my final mark on campus before graduating through our newspaper, The Silvertip. As co-editor in chief, I hope to build upon my leadership skills and continue to push our...

Maleah Moore

Management Editor

Hey everyone! This is Maleah and I'm a senior at Mission Hills High School. I am currently the Management Editor for The Silvertip and was the Sports Editor last year. I love love love reading, swimming, playing water polo and...

Salma Ramirez

Copy Editor

Three years in journalism and I’m still going strong (grade 11). As the copy editor of The Silvertip, I’m always striving to ensure the production of ethical and authentic news and media coverage with superb journalistic quality;...

Marlene Calderon

Opinions Editor

Hello everyone! I'm Marlene and I've been a part of The Silvertip for two years. There are few things I love more than reading while sipping on a vanilla latte, but writing makes the cut. I initially joined Journalism to try a...

Madie Goebel

Features Editor

Howdy! My name is Madie and I’m your friendly features editor. I’m a senior, almond croissant enthusiast, and road trip whiz. To quote J.D Salinger, “you'll find that you're not the first person who was ever confused and...

Marie Bellevue

Entertainment Editor

Though I lived the first half of my life in the Bay Area, my time in San Diego has shaped the ambitious, nature loving person that I am. My two years in journalism has given me the opportunity to reach other students on a raw...

Jazmine Huerta

Grizzly Den Editor

Hello friends, Jazmine here. I'm a senior and the Grizzly Den editor for the Silvertip! This is my second year on the Editorial staff and in Journalism. Joining Journalism has been one highlights of my high school career. This...

Mitra Zarinebaf

News Editor

As News Editor, it's common to see my nose up a newspaper or scrolling through the New York Times. Additionally, being a 12th grader, you can always find me searching for a nap that I'll never find. I began journalism in 11th...

Gigi Downey

Photo Editor

As a first year journalism student, going straight to photo editor was a struggle, but definitely worth it. Not only did I walk into a new class, but into a new leadership position- which I truly did NOT expect to happen. It’s...

Laura Rico-Zarate

Graphics Editor

Hi, my name is Laura Rice, but you can call me Laura. I am finally a senior at Mission Hills High School. Like my height, my expectations aren’t high because iF yoU sHoOt fOr tHe MooN aND mIsS, You’LL LaNd aMOng ThE StaRS!...

Gisselle Acevedo

Sports Editor

Marbella Ramirez

Advertisement Editor

After a compelling two years on The Silvertip staff I return to create new memories. For my third year, I have the honor to serve as advertising editor after having the experience of being news editor as a sophomore and starting...

Sophie Perun

Centerspread Co-Editor

Hi, I’m Sophie. I’m currently in my third year of high school and second year of journalism as the co-editor of the Centerspread. My hobbies include: starting books/movies and never finishing them, talking to my grandma on...

Maricruz Reyes

Centerspread Co-Editor

They call me Mari, but my name is Maricruz Reyes. I am a senior at Mission Hills High School and I am fortunate enough to say that I am a co-editor for the Centerspread page for our school’s newspaper, The Silvertip. I am the...

Hannah Ramirez

Staff Writer

Hello! I am currently a staff writer in Journalism and a freshman at Mission Hills. I joined journalism because it was highly recommended by one of my closest friends. I have a wide array of interests. For example, camping whenever...

Evelyn Ramirez-Estrada

Staff Writer

Hey, my name is Evelyn and I am currently a freshman here at Mission Hills High School and I am part of the Silvertip staff this year!. As a staff writer, I hope to enhance my writing skills as well as improve my research skills....

Valeria Najera

Staff Writer

I was born in Escondido but raised in San Marcos, I love to sing and draw even though I believe I am not that good. I am sophomore at Mission Hills High School and journalism has help me improve my writing skills. Even though...

Hannah Larson

Staff Writer

The first seventeen years of my life have brought incredible opportunities and given me an adventurous and competitive spirit. I am an 11th grade staff writer for 'The Silvertip' and joined journalism in order to improve my writing...

Reagan Gerardi

Staff Writer

I am currently a ninth grade staff writer for the Silvertip, and I joined Journalism because I love to write stories. Outside of class, I am in color guard. My dream is to become a published author or a chef.

Isabel Ner

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Isabel, and I am a freshman staff writer here at Mission Hills High School. I enjoy reading good books, training for and playing lacrosse, and hanging out with family and friends. As a 'newbie' here at the Silvertip,...

Brianna Hernandez

Staff Writer

Hey, I'm Bri and I'm a freshman staff writer for MHHS's Silvertip. This is my first year being apart of journalism (because duh, I'm a freshman), but I already feel comfortable in it. I write for the sports section and often co-write...

Dylan Reece

Staff Writer

I'm a ninth grade staff writer for The Silvertip. I joined journalism because I enjoy writing. I play percussion in band and I would like to be a psychologist in the future. Since this is my first year not only in journalism but...

Rosalba Alcaraz

Staff Writer

My name is Rosalba Alcaraz and I am a staff writer for The Silvertip. I chose to join journalism because it was highly recommended by other people. I have a personal goal to become a better writer. I enjoy reading books, watching...

Josette Rivera

Staff Writer

As a senior at Mission Hills High School, I am working as a staffer for The Silvertip for the first and last time, and hope to learn as much as I can about the writing style and improve my skills and knowledge. My passion is to...

Joseph Kamandy

Staff Writer

Born in Fort Collins Colorado, my family had made the decision to move to Southern California. As of now, currently a Junior at Mission Hills High School, choosing Journalism was a bit difficult at first. As a staff reporter,...

ArvinJay Jumalon

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is ArvinJay Jumalon. I am in 11th grade, and a staff writer for the Silvertip. I joined journalism because I wanted to polish my writing skills, and to have an excuse to be interested in current events.

Miles Butters

Staff Writer

What's good? I'm Miles. I'm a staff writer for the paper. I like to make music and skate. My favorite section to write for is entertainment because the world of arts interest me. I love film makers and musicians because the worlds...

Sofie Perkins

Staff Writer

Hey! My name is Sofie Perkins and I'm one of the staff writers. As one of the newest students of Mission Hills High School, I came in freshman year hoping to learn lessons, make new friends, and also becoming a better writer....

Laci Rodriguez

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Laci! I am a freshman this year and so far high school has been fun for me. I love that there is always something to do, like hanging out with friends. I also met my best friend this year! Her name is Sofie and...

Brenda Camacho

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Brenda Camacho and I am an 11th grader. I am a staff writer for the MHHS newspaper, The Silvertip. I joined Journalism because I love to write about my day- it makes me feel relaxed. I love all types of animals...

Antonio Morales Leyva

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Antonio Morales Leyva, and I am a staff writer for the MHHS Silvertip. As a Junior at Mission Hills High School, I like to write, draw, and dance by myself in my room. In the future I want to improve my drawing...

Lilly Brown

Staff Writer

My name is Lilly Brown and I'm a freshman at Mission Hills High School. I'm currently a staff writer for all pages. I joined journalism because I have always had an interest in writing and in what's going on in our world today....

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