Magnificent Mrs. Miller elected as SMUSD’s 2019 Teacher of the Year

Photo by Gigi Downey
Mrs. Miller takes a moment to explain to her students how to write a check, something that most adolescents do not know how to do.

Story by Josette Rivera, Staff Writer

  A beloved teacher of over two hundred rowdy teenagers, Mrs. Miller has taught at Mission Hills High School (MHHS) for 14 years, teaching a multitude of classes from Yearbook to AP Government. This year she was given a delightful surprise of being the Teacher of The Year for not only MHHS, but the entire San Marcos School District.

  In spite of all her dedication to teaching and guiding her students to the best of her abilities, the award was still unexpected. Mrs. Miller gives much of the credit to her fellow coworkers and faculty members who she feels should also be recognized for all their work, especially to other AP Government teachers and her husband, Mr. Miller.

  “I gotta give it to Mr. Miller. We’re partners and he pushes me to be better everyday, and we push each other to do the best job that we can. To me, this award is for the both of us,” Mrs. Miller said.

  It is not only the teachers she has to thank, as the daily silliness and encouragement from the students is where she finds the most inspiration.

  “Anytime a student does something great it makes you really proud as a teacher. It’s better than any paycheck you could get—to know that you’re making a difference.”

  After over a decade of hard work, and the support of her coworkers, Mrs. Miller has been rewarded with an award she truly deserves. Knowing her tenacity, another great surprise will surely be on her way.