Mr. Wolcott, the Staff of the Year, celebrates 13 years as a Grizzly


Photo by Sofie Perkins

Congratulations on being Staff of the Year, Mr. Wolcott.

Story by Marlene Calderon, Co-Editor in Chief

  Through his work in the classroom and behind the scenes, Mark Wolcott has perfectly embodied what it means to be a Grizzly. Many students are not aware of the hefty task that come with being the school’s registrar, but Mark Wolcott handles the job with a tenacious and dedicated spirit. With his cardinal and gold heart, Wolcott earned the 2018-2019 Staff of the Year award.

  Although many don’t know what being a registrar entails, it an essential job that all students rely on.

  “As the registrar, my role is basically taking care of all things student records. I work with student transfers and and transcribing transcripts for both incoming and outgoing students. At the end of the year, I handle diplomas and even 10 years later, I supply transcripts for those who need it,” Wolcott said

   Wolcott began as an on-campus substitute and would go to a classroom whenever he was needed. Whether he was in a classroom or in the counseling center, Wolcott always had students best interest at heart and worked to help the family he found on campus.

  “I love the sense of family and community here at Mission Hills. Although I am not as in tune with it in comparison to when I was the on-campus substitute, I know there are good kids. I have worked with other schools in the district, and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else,” Wolcott said.

  Despite being shocked when he heard the news of his award, his work does not go unnoticed by the Mission Hills family. Contrary to his belief, humble and hardworking Wolcott more than deserved being recognized as Staff of the Year.

  “What sets Mr. Wolcott apart is his heart and compassion. He has been able to mentor and support students, and he does this not just because he is a registrar but because of who he is,” Mrs. Baker said.