Mission Hills High School’s Top Goal Scorer and Aspiring Entrepreneur, Subhan Nazimi

Dedicated to Soccer, Business, and Future Success


Photo by Fabian Garcia

Senior Subhan Nazimi

   Subhan Nazimi, a senior here at Mission Hills, is a major contributor to the team’s success as the team’s top goal scorer. Yet his accomplishments don’t end there; he also works hard for his club team San Diego Surf and hopes to one day make it to professional soccer.

   As an immigrant from Afghanistan, he had to teach himself English through books and American TV Shows. Subhan Nazmi has always been a leader due to the challenges in his upbringing. He strives for greatness and likes to stand out in whatever he’s doing.

   “Money is a big part of my motivation because when you have financial freedom, you can spend more time doing the things that you love,” Subhan Nazimi said.

   With his talent and commitment to the game, Nazimi has been a crucial member of the Mission Hills Varsity Soccer squad. He has led the squad to multiple triumphs throughout his stint at Mission Hills, as a leading goal scorer. The respect and praise of his teammates and coaches are a result of his dedication to the sport and his team.

   “Whenever I play soccer, I feel at peace because I forget all my problems when I am on the pitch,” Subhan Nazimi said.


“I would like to tell the freshman to try to figure out what they want to do with or be in life as soon as they can so that they can use their four years of high school actively working towards achieving their goals”

— Subhan Nazimi


   With an eye on the future, Nazimi hopes to launch a prosperous company. He appreciates the value of perseverance and hard effort, and he is ready to put his knowledge and abilities to use, in order to accomplish his dreams and aspirations. There is no question that he will be successful in everything he sets his mind to, due to his drive and desire.

“Business is about solving problems. The more problems you can solve the more money you will make,” Subhan Nazmi said.

   Nazimi’s accomplishments and dedication inspire his friends and peers as he prepares to graduate from Mission Hills High School. His integrity and work ethic are demonstrated by his dedication to soccer, career, and future aspirations. We wish him well in his future pursuits and are confident that he will keep having a good influence wherever he goes.