Ashwin Bardhwaj: a name that will mark Mission Hills for the better

Ashwin Bardhwaj, the student that has made MHHS campus a nuturing environment for the sciences.

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Well-balanced, determined, and easygoing. All are words used to describe Ashwin Bardhwaj, yet none could ever fully encapsulate his true character. Bardhwaj has accomplished a great amount in the short four years he has been a Grizzly and will definitely be an inspiring Mission Hills alumni.

“Ashwin stands out academically with what he has accomplished in high school and college courses and in music, he has an incredible work ethic and a curiosity that is combined with his extraordinary critical thinking skills. In addition, Ashwin is kind, funny, and humble, and I genuinely enjoy talking with him,” school counselor Cherryl Baker said.

Bardhwaj’s talents have been recognized far beyond Mission Hills as he was awarded the National Merit Scholarship, beating out tens of thousands of high school students across the nation. The scholarship program uses PSAT scores to find a group of students who are eligible to compete. He wishes to create a tradition at Mission Hills where others have the passion and support to accomplish their goals as well.

Senior Ashwin Bardhwaj is ready to embark on a new chapter of his life. (Photo by Kelly Amador)

“Throughout my time at Mission Hills, I hope to have been someone who has helped open doors for others and expose them to new and unique opportunities. For example, with the Iron Kodiaks Robotics Team, we were able to give new students exposure to a real-world engineering environment to build something entirely from scratch,” Bardhwaj said.

In the fall Bardhwaj plans to attend the University of California, Berkeley, where he will continue to pursue his interests in engineering, physics, and math. But he couldn’t have done it alone, throughout his high school career he has had some influences that helped him get to where he is today.


Throughout my time at Mission Hills, I hope to have been someone who has helped open doors for others and expose them to new and unique opportunities.

— Ashwin Bardhwaj


“I was fortunate to have nurturing science teachers like Mrs. Nelson encouraging me. Also, as part of the “I Am AP” club, I have seen first-hand how much Mrs. Markgraf has done to help students looking for academic help and have been inspired to do the same,” Bardhwaj said.
As Bardhwaj embarks upon his new journey up north he leaves incoming freshmen and underclassmen with a few wise words.

“My advice would be to explore different clubs, classes, and groups and, at the same time, have a plan to pursue your own interests. Never be afraid to recognize your passions,” Bardhwaj said.

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