McKenna Crenshaw hits the ground running with any endeavor

McKenna Crenshaw should not be confused with Senator Crenshaw.


Photo by Ariana Talamantes

McKenna Crenshaw is a bright and generous individual that will let nothing stop her from achieving her dreams.

Because of her involvement in clubs and award-winning talent, McKenna Crenshaw is known by all as a kind and amicable student at Mission Hills. She runs Mock Trial, poetry club, participates in other clubs, and is even the Features editor for the Silvertip. Whilst she progresses in life, she leaves an overwhelmingly positive impact on everyone she encounters.
“I moved in sophomore year, but then as soon as I got here, I found a lot more opportunities. I first joined Mock Trial—[it] was always my home, where I felt like I belonged; I loved the people, I loved the [then] president. I took over Mock Trial this year, and of all the things I have done, Mock Trial is definitely number one,” Crenshaw said.

As the president of Mock Trial, poetry club, and a member of many other clubs, Crenshaw has carried every endeavor of hers towards success, and does not give up until it is reached.

Crenshaw looks forward to venturing out to New York City this summer in order to achieve her dreams. (Photo by Ariana Talamantes)



“McKenna is someone who plays well with words. Whether she is expressing herself through her poetry, arguing a point in Mock Trial, bringing up an idea in class discussion, or ably defending a claim in an essay, McKenna seems at home wielding words to shape the world around her,” said Beth McNalley, McKenna’s AP Literature teacher or someone McKenna could always turn to for advice on her writing.
Her attained skills in high school will stick with her as she makes her way toward a higher level of education.
“I was offered a [a scholarship] if I attend Pace University; it’s amazing that I get that kind of support. I want to major in political science no matter where I go. My ultimate goal right now is to go to law school, and then become a politician—I’d start local and then work my way up to the House of Representatives,” Crenshaw said.

You have to live a little bit; you can have shiny awards and titles, but that’s not what’s meaningful in the future. You have to make memories

— McKenna Crenshaw

Crenshaw uses her words to influence the lives of many, including those in Mock Trial and poetry club. She is even crafting a poetry book for the VAPA festival this year, including excerpts from her junior and senior year poems that she had written. The book gives her a chance to express her poetic side with the school. As a new member of the Planning Committee for this year’s festival, she was nominated to be a representative by her Poetry Club Advisor to get more representation for Creative Writing. This year, she passed it as an official new addition to the festival.
After reflecting on her high school career, she felt that she began to realize how meaningful some of her experiences were due to the people she met. It was the memories that she made that she had grown to appreciate the most. Her biggest piece advice to underclassmen would be:
“You have to live a little bit; you can have shiny awards and titles, but that’s not what’s meaningful in the future. You have to make memories,” Crenshaw said.
As she moves on to post-high-school plans in New York, Crenshaw can be remembered at Mission Hills as one who did nothing but impact and inspire everyone around her, whether it be with her drive and determination, or her creativity.