“Knives Out” slices through the box-office and all audience expectations

“Knives Out” is a highly acclaimed murder mystery featuring Daniel Craig and Ana De Armas as detectives trying to solve the murder of a famous writer


Photo by Joseph Kamandy

The Thornsbury’s testing their aim and showing their destructive nature.

Story by Dylan Reece, Editor In Chief

   Knives Out is a murder mystery directed by Rian Johnson that throws you into a compelling story that leaves you guessing from start to finish.

   When 85-year-old writer Harlen Thornsbury (Christopher Plummer) is found dead the day after his birthday, his family is thrown into chaos as detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) unearths the mystery with aide from Thornsbury’s caretaker, Marta Cabrera (Ana De Armas). The dysfunctional family dynamic mixed with the classic Clue mystery leads to an enthralling production that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

   “The plot was really interesting but still easy to follow. I’m not really a movie person, so I don’t follow movies easily, but I was able to understand this one very well. I also really liked how the family seemed kind of picture-perfect but as everything started to crumble you could see where the problems really lie,” Chloe Alvear (11) said.

   Although the jaded whodunit trope has been used timelessly, Knives Out takes the trope and flips it on it’s head, leaving you wondering who the real villain is.

   “I really liked the plot twists and character development, and the jokes were good. I enjoyed seeing Chris Evans play a different role than a superhero and they hid the storyline so well,” Nichole Rodriguez (11) said.

   “They definitely put a twist at the very end when the detective revealed everything. The detective was very intelligent from the start and wasn’t coming in blind. He was very knowledgeable especially to little details that you wouldn’t really notice, but he analyzed every aspect of it,” Giovanni Zuniga (12) said.

   The film also features a fantastic cast, from Daniel Craig’s southern detective to Jamie Lee Curtis’s bustling business woman and even Chris Evans as a spoiled son. The films collection of extravagant and vibrant characters brings the story to life and captivates the audience with their destructive personalities.

   “I thought the movie was great, the first time I watched it, it was like a nice little roller coaster. I also enjoyed that each actor had their own character and they kind of imputed it into the character they’re playing. It was cool having insight of the actual character,” Lexi Cruz (10) said.

   The compelling story and engaging characters thrust you into the world of the Thornsbury’s as you try to solve this thriller with them in a way that will keep you digging for clues the whole way through. Be sure to watch Knives Out in theaters now.