Disney+ is breaking down the borders of reality with its upcoming show “WandaVision”

The adventures of Scarlet Witch and Vision will continue on Disney+ in just a few weeks!


Photo by Avery Huffer

Wanda Maximoff and Vision are living their dream life in the suburbs, but is everything truly what it seems?

“WandaVision” is a unique six-episode mini-series about Marvel’s powerful witch, Wanda, and her AI companion, Vision, played by Elizabeth Olson and Paul Bettany respectively. It also stars Kat Dennings, Kathryn Hahn, and Randall Park. The TV show is directed by Matt Shakman, and composed by Christophe Beck. It is set to be released on Disney Plus on Jan. 15, 2021.
“WandaVision looks like a complex and interesting show, but its overall plot is unclear to me,” Freshman Cailin Joyce said.
The plot for “WandaVision” is still unknown indeed, but the trailer gives glimpses of Wanda and Vision married and living a normal life in what appears to be the 1950’s. However, Marvel has made it clear that looks can often be deceiving when it comes to their trailers, so it’s uncertain what time period the couple are actually living in. Although cryptic, The trailer does imply at least part of the show will be in black and white like a retro television show and shows both Wanda and Vision using their superpowers to manipulate reality and molecular density. Since the show supposedly takes place after the events of Endgame, the trailer also brings up the obvious question of how Vision has supposedly returned from the dead.
When Vision was killed not once but twice in Infinity War, first by Scarlet Witch in a desperate attempt to stop Thanos, and then eventually by Thanos himself, it was assumed the beloved android was gone for good. That assumption was further cemented when Vision still didn’t make an appearance in Endgame, five whole years after the events of the former movie. Whether Vision is actually alive or not, fans were shocked when Marvel announced a TV show that included his name, and have been crafting theories as to how this could be possible since. One theory is that Scarlet Witch has made a fake bubble reality with her powers where she and Vision can live a life together, because she can’t deal with her grief of losing him. Another speculation is that Vision is actually alive and is living with Wanda in an alternate reality where he didn’t die. Whether real or imaginary, the return of Vision will definitely be interesting to watch.
On ew.com, head writer Jac Schaeffer explains how the series is a “love letter to the golden age of television,” The creators of the show hope to bring back elements from older TV shows while also adding new elements.
A distinctive aspect of this TV show is that it will introduce new themes Marvel has never explored. For the show, Marvel is incorporating new comedy elements into its traditional science fiction genre, something the company has never done before. The humor seems to be remoniciant of classic sit comedies, which will definitely attract new fans who enjoy the genre. “WandaVision” will also draw in romcom enthusiasts, as the show seems to follow the quirky yet likable relationship between sorceress Scarlet Witch and the android Vision.
Overall, “WandaVision” will be something unlike anything Marvel has ever created, and will pave the way to more television series to come. This complex and unique show will definitely be worth watching – for fans both new and old.