Wonder Woman flies her way on to HBO Max

The highly anticipated “Wonder Woman” sequel, “Wonder Woman 1984” makes its way on to HBO Max this month!


Photo by Julianne Martin

Wonder Woman in her superhero attire ready for action!

“Wonder Woman 1984” is a highly anticipated upcoming DC film. It is the second movie following the story of Diana Prince, an Amazon princess turned superhero from the sheltered and beautiful island of Themyscira. The sequel is directed by Patty Jenkins, and the cast includes returning stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, and Connie Nelson, with Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig joining as the new antagonists. The movie is set to be released Dec. 25 of 2020 on HBO Max, and watching it will be a great activity to partake during the holiday season.
The first movie, simply titled “Wonder Woman,” was released in 2017, and was set in 1917 during World War I. In the film, Diana meets American pilot Steve Trevor when she saved him from drowning after crashing his plane in the ocean surrounding Themyscira. Eventually, she decides to go back to England alongside him to help stop the war, which she believes was started by the Greek God of War: Ares. After manifesting her true potential and power, Diana eventually defeats Ares and ends the war, but not without Steve sacrificing himself in the process.
“I thought 2017 Wonder Woman was excellent! It was super engaging and thrilling to watch one of my favorite superheroes in a more modern version. I can’t wait to see the next movie.” junior Alexa Jennings said.
With the second movie being set in the United States towards the end of the Cold War, nearly seven decades after its predecessor, we can definitely look forward to some surprises. Besides the change to 80’s fashion and culture, and the debut of Diana’s glimmering golden suit, the surprising return of her love interest, Steve Trevor, has brought up many questions, since he supposedly died sacrificing himself in the previous film.
Regardless of how he has returned while looking barely a day older, Trevor helps Diana as she faces off against her new enemies — supervillainess Cheetah, aka Barbara Minerva, an archaeologist who has a frightening alter ego, and Maxwell Lord — a villain whose abilities haven’t been disclosed. The newest trailer gives glimpses of a climactic battle between Wonder Woman and Cheetah, and includes scenes implying Maxwell is up to no good.
“What I’m most excited for in the upcoming sequel to ‘Wonder Woman’ is the portrayal of Kristen Wiig’s character Barbara Minerva. I’m super excited to see how this villain/enemy of Wonder Woman will play out in the movie and how accurate Wiig will display this character,” junior Emma Weese said.
With our options for indoor activities being limited, this movie will certainly entertain audiences with its intriguing plot and captivating characters, all portrayed by a fantastic cast. Overall, fans of Wonder Woman, DC, and superhero movies in general can all expect more action packed scenes and funny romantic moments between Diana and Steve in this upcoming sequel.