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The Student News Site of Mission Hills High School

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The Student News Site of Mission Hills High School

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Many mask their emotions with a drawn on smile, passively listening to others, as well as themselves, invalidate their feelings.

‘Smiling through the pain’: How toxic positivity can negatively affect your mental health

Story by The Editorial Board December 18, 2020

We are several months into a pandemic and our circumstances have certainly not been ideal. In fact, you can sum up this year as being an absolute dumpster fire. And that’s a very reasonable way to frame...

When youre sucked into echo chambers, its difficult to get out. Fortunately, there are ways to open yourself up to more ideas than just your own when scrolling through your feed.

Bring balance to your feed: Why we should break out of our echo chambers on social media

Story by The Editorial Board November 30, 2020

The social media giants inherently want to connect people from around the world. Their community based platforms allow us to share snippets of our lives through videos, photos, dialogues, and art. By creating...

Teens find themselves filling out many job applications, hoping to be hired.

‘Get a job’ is easier said than done: A teen’s struggle to find their place in the workforce

Story by Ariana Jorden, Editor In Chief November 17, 2020

Being a teenager comes with a significant level of independence as you make the transition from being a child into a functioning adult. One stepping stone into the world of adulthood is gaining real work...

Every citizen permitted to vote should go do so. Every vote counts.

Vote now: The importance of voting and bringing change

Story by Sophia Novelo, Editor In Chief November 2, 2020

As we approach Election Day, it is vital for every American citizen 18 and older to vote. Although the law does not require citizens to vote, it is still a very important responsibility that secures our...

The stigma surrounding community colleges prevents a lot of students from considering to apply.

The negative perception of attending community college and why students should overcome this stigma

Story by Ariana Jorden, Editor In Chief October 30, 2020

Deciding where to go to college is probably a high school senior’s biggest concern, let alone how much they’re able to pay to attend their dream school. Community college is by far the best route to...

A student sits at her desk doing work for one of her many online classes.

Online learning and the affects on students’ health: Why we should take breaks from the screen

Story by The Editorial Board October 20, 2020

  Overwhelmed and isolated during this unprecedented era, students have been trying to navigate the anxieties brought by the global pandemic; all while trying to obtain a fulfilling education through...

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