Do people feel Title IX has done what it was supposed to?

As of this past year, Title IX has been ongoing for 50 years, preventing harassment and discrimination.


Photo by Maya Arcidiacono

A P.E. class gathers on the Mission Hills football field

On June 23, 1972, Title IX was passed, and as of this past June, it celebrated its 50th anniversary. The intent of this law was to provide all genders with equal opportunities in educational programs. However, some may question if that has been truly accomplished.
“I think that there’s still a way to go. I believe that there’s still some inequity when it comes to men’s sports and women’s sports, especially at the college level [and] in terms of the funding for it. So I think that hasn’t fully achieved all that it can but I know that the numbers show there’s been a tremendous improvement in women who play sports than there was before Title IX came out,” Sari Delagneau, careers in education teacher, said.
2022 marks a time where government funded activities prohibit harassment and discrimination toward students, regardless of their gender identity. To put it simply, it allows for protection for students in educational systems from elementary to college.
“I can imagine that, if you don’t have that legal protection, there might be a bias to not allow as many female programs as male programs,” Candance Farah, biology teacher, said.
And while this law does not directly address sports, athletics is closely associated with it, and most lean toward the belief that participation in sports is equal thanks to it. Other organizations that fall under this are recruitment, admissions, financial aid, and scholarships. However, many may not be aware that Title IX is responsible for activities that can be enjoyed or taken advantage of; so more awareness should be brought to it and everything that it has done.
“I feel like there’s a lot of girls that do play sports and that have the urge to play sports, not only just because it’s fun but so they can be athletic and be able to do something like that,” freshman Riley Clevers said.
Currently, most agree that this law benefits many people who would not have the opportunities they have today without it. So while some progress can still be made, such as funding and the opportunities provided by school, Title IX has opened the doors to equality and will allow for more advancement in the future.