New schedules bring new challenges

Second semester schedule changes have brought relief to some and stress for others.


Photo by Elizabeth Lizarde

As a new semester comes in, so do new schedule changes.

With the start of second semester, some changes have been made for students which made the return from winter break feel like the start of an entirely new school year. This is because in an effort to reduce class sizes here at Mission Hills, schedules have been changed which has brought several struggles for returning Grizzlies.
Staff began to realize that more and more classes were beginning to grow in student size which posed several challenges for teachers and students combined. Large class sizes made it more difficult for teachers in terms of grading. But most importantly, teachers found it hard to create personal relationships with such a large student to faculty ratio making it hard to devote the necessary time to each student. As a result, changes to schedules were made to ensure students and teachers benefited from drastic changes.
For many, these schedule changes have brought satisfaction as their schedules have been molded to fit their needs whether it be class level changes or dropping/adding classes. During the first semester many students could have wanted a change of pace but had to wait till second semester. These changes thus accommodate individual needs.
But most importantly, for students who are looking to attend a higher institution they are getting a taste of what semester long classes feel like. At most colleges, students will be coming back from winter break to entirely new classes and teachers. On the bright side, students are learning to adapt, especially in an ever changing environment in and outside of school.

Some students found that their schedules changed at the beginning of the semester. (Photo by Aryanna Martinez)

“It’s been tough for a lot of students with their schedule changes, we as humans have our routines but coming into second semester and having new teachers and students brings new opportunities for all students especially for new friendships,” school counselor Susan Martinez said.
However, some students have been shifted from their original first semester routine, which has posed several challenges. Most students experienced minor changes such as class period changes, but others have been switched to different teachers. This creates a large challenge for students that have become accustomed to a certain teaching style; many point out that a teaching style can heavily impact the success of a student. Some teachers take different approaches to teaching. Additionally, classes aren’t all at the same pace despite being the same level as each class of students are different. This causes greater stress for individuals who have been moved to completely new teachers.
“Having to adapt to the new teaching style and especially the students who have been with each other the entire first semester has made me feel isolated and desperate to get myself on track with the class agenda,” senior Elena Ramos said.

Having to adapt to the new teaching style and especially the students who have been with each other the entire first semester has made me feel isolated and desperate to get myself on track with the class agenda.

— Elena Ramos

Students have been struggling with adjusting to new schedules for many reasons, and while a simple solution like keeping schedules the same seems clear, it’s understandable that the counseling department had to make necessary schedule changes for the benefit of all Mission Hills students. Now it’s all about adapting to a new change and Mission Hills students are more than prepared.
“Even with these new changes, look on the bright side, you get different teachers and students’ styles and strengths which is definitely a plus,” AP Lit teacher Beth McNalley said.