A Normal Year for the Class of 2023

Seniors are looking forward to a final, ‘normal’ year at Mission Hills after an interrupted year, online schooling, and COVID-19 regulations.


Photo by Maya Arcidiacono

Current Silvertip seniors look toward completing their final year of high school.

As another year begins, there is a new class looking forward to finishing their final year of high school. The class of ‘23 has been through a lot in the past three years, but this year they’ve come back better than ever. The new shift in energy from seniors could be from the fact that it is their first and final normal year here at Mission Hills.
“I was doing good with school…and [during covid] it was more of a time where you could slack off,” senior Giselle Vasquez said.
Having to deal with their freshman year being cut short, being online for the majority of their sophomore year, and having to adjust to the new rules and regulations in their junior year, it makes sense why this year is truly significant for seniors.
“We were on the bench on varsity and didn’t really get to do anything,” senior Rohan Bedi, Varsity football team Quarterback, said.
Comparing what high school was like before COVID-19 to now will be different for each student, because they were all affected on an individual scale. Not to mention, many students were involved in sports and were deprived of participating due to a lack of preparation from the lockdown. But besides all that, the motivation from students was still present because they were able to have fun while experiencing new things such as the first spring football season and much more.
“Nobody expected that to happen ever, but I like to just go with the flow and not think about the past,” senior Brenna Rendon said.
Though school is still far from normal, this year is the closest to normal that current seniors have gotten in a while. Because of this, students are already making the most of this school year considering how worlds were turned upside down in the blink of an eye.
“It was loud [freshman year] but compared to this year… I have never seen so many people show up at a pep rally or be in the growl crowd and being so active,” senior Caleb Wohlgemuth said.
One way they have shown this is in their school spirit. Previous years have tried to tear these Grizzlies down, but they keep coming back stronger. Although COVID-19 made the majority of their high school experience not so normal, this year will be one to remember for the class of 2023.