Key Club leaders encourage other students to join the family

“Key Club hasn’t just been beneficial for the students in the club but it has had an impact on so many others.”

Key Club members gather at a sponsored event.

Photo by Veronica Valbuena

Key Club members gather at a sponsored event.

Founded as an extension of Kiwanis Club in 1925, Key Club is now the largest student-led organization for high school students in the world. Today, Key Club has given thousands of students the opportunity to connect with their community, build character, and advance their leadership skills through organized events and meetings.

“In the entirety of the Key Club organization, it’s such a sociable place and I have met a lot of people. I have met people in National City and I have even had pen pals in other states because of Key Club,” said Veronica Valbuena, Key Club President.

Across 40 different countries, over 5,000 high schools have student-run Key Clubs. Mission Hills is a part of Division 37 East which is a part of the California, Nevada, and Hawaii (CNH) district. Key Clubs’ wide range allows for students to interact with others who have similar interests as their own through organized events and gatherings.

“I really like the Christmas and Thanksgiving events or events that are during a holiday that’s meaningful to you. The Key Club fall rally is where we go to Six Flags and meet with other Key Clubs from around California, Nevada and Hawaii. It is a really social event where there is always someone new to meet and things to do,” said Minh Hocannson, Key Club Vice President of Public Relations.

 Key Club hasn’t just been beneficial for the students in the club but it has had an impact on so many others. Through the Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF program, Key Club International has raised over 7 million dollars to fight iodine deficiency disorders. Our home district, CNH, has also raised over 100,000 dollars for a variety of causes.

“Once you join Key Club, it doesn’t just give you community service hours; it actually helps you grow because you learn to help other people, talk to other people… you get to network with other people from around California, Nevada, and Hawaii, and it is overall a really life changing experience. I hope that people can join Key Club so they can experience it.” said Hocannson.

Students get the chance to participate in community service events in and out of school through Key Club. Events can range from making dog toys, tutoring at elementary schools and going on trips to Six Flags. Even if you are not in the club, you still have the opportunity to participate in events such as book drives, donations and fundraisers.

Key Club holds meetings during lunch on Fridays in room 420. For more information on Key Club, follow them on Instagram @mhhskeyclub.