Principal Mitchell captures every moment at Mission Hills

From sports games to rock band performances, Mr. Mitchell is sure to be front and center with a camera in hand.

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While on campus, or at any school event, there is a definite chance that principal Cliff Mitchell will be seen capturing the moment.

Cliff Mitchell, principal of Mission Hills and former volleyball coach, is typically around campus taking photos of students when he has the time. Photography is a passion of Mitchell’s, and he learned to take photos on film while overseas in the army. From there, his love for photography blossomed. A longtime goal and motivation he has when taking pictures is trying to take “the perfect picture.”

“If you’re looking at water in a stream going down, are you still trying to capture it still, or are you trying to get the blur from the water movement? It’s kind of the challenge of trying to take that perfect picture, and I’ve never been able to do it,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell’s camera roll mostly consists of pictures of students and their activities on campus. While behind the camera, he uses photography as a way to connect with the Grizzlies in front of the camera lens.

“It’s a different kind of connection, right? Teachers get to see students on a daily basis, and they build relationships in that way. I as a principal have much less interactions with students. So it’s a bridge, a little bit for me, that’s really the way I treat it,” said Mitchell.

Principal Mitchell strives to give every student the time in the limelight with his constant coverage of campus events.

“I’m trying to highlight our students. I think we have a ton of students who are doing phenomenal things that nobody ever knows about. Baile Folklorico [for example]; I was so moved and impressed by what they were doing and I took a bunch of pictures that night. But if I didn’t, who would know?” said Mitchell.

In the future, Mitchell hopes to photograph activities such as drama and robotics competitions, as sports is currently the main highlight at Mission Hills. He also hopes to get more nature and ocean shots on his own time. Photography is a passion of Mitchell’s that he does leisurely and is a way for him to connect with the Grizzly community; it’s a wonder what moments he will capture next.