Students Explore their Interests at Club Rush


Photo by Mackenzey Hyppolite

Students exploring the different club booths at Club Rush.

Story by Evelyn Ramirez-Estrada and Marissa Malone

   Whether an aspiring filmmaker, mathlete, or anything in between, Mission Hills has a club for everyone. On September 9, during Club Rush, club officers got to share their passion for their clubs and students explored all the different options available, signing up for the ones that spoke to them. 

   “For me, fashion has been one of the ways to express myself creatively. When I heard about fashion club, I immediately wanted to meet other people with the same common interests as I do,” freshman Trina Nguyen said. 

    Since the 2021-2022 school year is back in person, clubs can finally thrive again and students will now be able to meet up with their peers. Being able to attend in-person meetings will help build up different communities of students with ranging interests. 

    “I hope people joining my club know that this will be a safe place for any and everyone where they can just have fun,” said sophomore Victoria Aguilar, president of Film Club. 

    Not only do clubs help students find their clique, they also can provide them with lifelong valuable skills and information. 

    “I decided to join Girl Up, because I wanted to make sure that women have a say in the future and they are presented with fair opportunities not only on campus, but in the real world too,” junior Seri McMahon said. 

   Clubs are the perfect way to feel and make others feel included in the best way possible. Here at Mission Hills if there is an interest, there is a club!