HOMH: Camille Wetherell “blends” the rules with her artistic capabilities

Support Camille Wetherells creative journey by following her art account (@baby.eat.fruit) on Instagram.

Photo by Courtesy of Camille Wetherell

Support Camille Wetherell’s creative journey by following her art account (@baby.eat.fruit) on Instagram.

“I can’t remember when I started making art, so I think that goes to show just how long I’ve been doing it. When I was a kid, kindergarten to be exact, I’d draw these little drawings and my friends would all be like: ‘Woah! Camille, you’re so good!’ I just kind of kept practicing after that and it wasn’t until I was a teenager when I thought that I should start getting better at this. I would look at reference photos and try to copy them exactly. I can’t really vouch for my artistic process or my learning process to do realism. How I learned to do that was by looking up photos of celebrities and drawing them exactly how they were. If I messed up I’d look at what was different and just start a different drawing. I learned how to look at something objectively and just copy it down without grids or anything. That’s the foundation of my artistic knowledge, just looking at things and copying them.”

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