‘Dark Into Light’ reflects the issues that plague adolecents


Photo by Est

Danz D’ Artz performs a dance piece called ‘Brighter;’ an artistic representation of embracing the feeling of sadness.

Story by Estephanie Mendez, Staff Writer

   In a world of individuals characterized by their unique perspectives, personal aspirations, and shaping decisions, cataclysmic periods are the uniting factor in narrowing everyone down to flesh and bone; to the vulnerability of being human. The VAPA Winter Dance Showcase, Dark Into Light, showcased the turmoil and struggle that one experiences throughout their life, while also serving as a beacon of hope. It demonstrated that in the midst of the most helpless situation there is always a capable, enduring, and stronger person on the other side of it. 

   “My favorite part about performing was to finally see all of those hours of practice from the dance room transferred on stage. It’s beautiful to see the lights on you and to just let go of everything else and to dance along with new friends,” said Noemi Aguilar (12).

   Dance students began preparing for the show since the beginning of September. The number of dances that they chose to be involved in deemed how many hours of practice they put forward.  

   “It’s lots of dedication staying after school and learning the dances. During the show, it gets really stressful because we want everything to be good to show how hard we worked on it. At the end of the day, all of the struggles and the late practices were all worth it,” said Miriam Cardoso (12).

   It wouldn’t have been possible without Mrs. Almanza, who choreographed some of the pieces and served as a dance instructor for all the performers. She organized everything from show orders to the costumes, and through her passion, she inspired her students to dance with a burning fire as well. The technical team was crucial to the display of the dances as they were in charge of lighting and of the music. The parent volunteers helping at the merchandise table and the concession stand, and the parent donations were big players as well. And of course, the dancer’s hard work and practice was vital to making the performance meaningful and enjoyable for themselves as well as for the audience. All of these moving parts deserve appreciation and are what made the dance the special showcase that it was. 

   “My favorite part about dance is the feeling that I get when I perform. It’s this feeling of completion and satisfaction that I don’t get with anything else,” Daniela Blanco (12).