Mission Hills students on their past dreams versus where they are headed now

Past and present unique dreams constantly change.


Photo by Samantha Wong

Growing up people always have dream jobs, but overtime reality can cause these dreams to change.

Many people had childhood dream jobs and things they wished to pursue when the time came. They have all said something like, “when I grow up, I want to be an astronaut!” as a child, but it is not always the most realistic dream.
“Since fifth or sixth grade, I wanted to be some sort of doctor. In middle school, I was into engineering, so I thought of maybe going into the Biomed field as well as the surgical field. Then, Alex Chang cast me as one of the lead roles in his film project, and now I want to pursue some sort of art like acting and theater. My past dream being realistic? I would say yes, if I put in the effort. For my current plan, we’ll see if it’s realistic, but I’d rather have many options in art than be stuck in a job I don’t want,” senior Caleb Wohlgemuth said.
Even when an area such as the medical field does not satisfy someone’s wants, we can still find other dreams to dream and thoughts to think. Though, some wants stay the same through many tests and challenges.
“When I was in Kindergarten, I wanted to be a lawyer, and I also wanted to go to the University of Madison in Wisconsin. I’m still on the same path now,” sophomore Magalie Degante said.
Both students have yearned to be something—or do something—and that does not change with age, but what is inside the thought bubble does, even for those who are chasing other passions in addition to their focus.
“When I was a kid, I wanted to be a hairdresser because I really enjoyed styling my dolls’ hair, and now I want to dive into mental health and become a child psychologist,” freshman Annabelle Dorman said.
Dorman hopes to take psychology, while also playing a major role in the Marching Band.
Going through life with an open mind is really important, even when some journeys seem unreal, such as Dorman’s past view on the future.
“This hairdresser dream-job was probably unrealistic, yeah, but I think I’m headed in the right direction now,” Dorman said.
If some dreams are unrealistic, how can anyone know when one is? That’s the thing, they won’t. People inch closer to reality by way of trial and error, so it is a slow process to not only find the right thing, but thrive in it. Often, one may not find a new passion, but only realize an old one was not viable.
Overall, most find passions at some point, and a lot of them change, but the enthusiasm and fun that comes with exploring life’s options does not ever leave. Having a dream to follow is what all should aspire to do no matter what, even if it seems outlandish or too ambitious.