Meet the Miller duo

Thanks to coincidences, Nicole and Ryan Miller have a life of love and AP Government.


Photo by Lori Nishiguchi and Natalie Ner

Mr. and Mrs. Miller point to their classrooms that are coincidentally next door.

For 17 years, Nicole and Ryan Miller have proudly taught AP Government to Grizzly seniors side by side. Their work life and their home life circumstantially happened to merge in what Mrs. Miller calls “fate.”

“Mr. Miller and I met when we were getting our teacher credentials from Cal State San Marcos, and then we just so happened to both get hired at Mission Hills. We weren’t planning it, it just happened that way. That’s just fate, I guess,” Mrs. Miller said.

Coincidences seem to be prominent in their careers. Along with them having classrooms right next to each other, teaching AP Government together was coincidental as well. However, their reasons for teaching the subject remained the same.

Since the Millers started teaching, educating students on their roles in democracy has been a priority. The two believe that being able to keep up with the issues in the world and hold the government accountable is a notion too important to go untaught.

Along with their shared love for teaching students about the government, their bond is constantly being strengthened by their teaching partnership. Their work often goes beyond being on campus.

“We always collaborate when we’re working. It is the norm for us. We’ve been teaching here for almost as long as we’ve known each other, and as long as we’ve been married, so for us, it is our day-to-day life. It’s really all that we know, it’s what we’re used to. It’s what we enjoy doing,” Mr. Miller said.

Aside from teaching, the Millers also have a family at home that they love to spend time with. They value both important aspects of their lives and equitably distribute their time between the two.

“Mr. Miller and I have two daughters. We’re raising elementary school daughters, so our passions are to sometimes help them with what they’re interested in. So we’re constantly taking them to tennis practice, and we like to have a lot of fun as a family as well,” Mrs. Miller said.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller balance their lives at home with their two young daughters and their careers at Mission Hills teaching. They are fortunate to do so alongside each other, as they prepare students for the future ahead.