HOMH: Ashley Reyes’ love for color guard spins out of control


Photo by Isaac Tabares

Although she is sad to leave it behind after four wonderful years, Ashley has enjoyed her time in color guard immensely.

“It’s a stress reliever. If you ever have a bad day and you’re just fed up with it then [color guard] is a way to relieve all of that stress, since you can toss it in the air and you have to use all of your force to actually do it correctly and not hurt yourself. So that’s pretty fun and it’s just fun being with your friends. But you can’t focus on anything else except what you’re doing, or else you’ll get hurt. You just have to be in the moment and that’s what I like about it mainly…Right now I have my freshman, and they’re so precious because they’re so confused and it reminds me of my own experience and how confused I was. But now, [as a senior], I’m like ‘I got you, don’t worry you’ll be able to succeed and not be as lost as I was’. [Quarantine started in March, Did you expect it to last this long?] No, I did not, I was highly hoping to return at some point since that same day, they canceled color guard’s season and they let us know we weren’t going to be able to finish our season. I was crying and so was the entire color guard when they announced it to us since we weren’t going to be able to do everything that we had been looking forward to.”