Vote now: The importance of voting and bringing change

In this climate, voting is more important that ever. We need to continue encouraging those eligible to vote and to understand the urgency of this civic responsibility.


Photo by Sophia Novelo

Every citizen permitted to vote should go do so. Every vote counts.

As we approach Election Day, it is vital for every American citizen 18 and older to vote. Although the law does not require citizens to vote, it is still a very important responsibility that secures our democracy. Voting brings change, and right now, we need to see progress within our nation.
Fortunately, due to increased engagement in the media, many young voters understand the responsibility we have as a country to vote so we can perhaps ensure a better future for our generation and potentially others to come. According to an article from NPR, Stephanie Young, We All Vote’s chief officer for communications, culture, and media partnership, said that young people are a “very powerful” group of voters who could really change the direction of the country if they all voted.
“In order for us to have an active and successful democracy, our elections should represent the opinion of all people from all walks of life, otherwise it’s not really a balanced democracy. If all of the much older adults are voting and young people don’t think it means anything, the results of the election will only represent a fraction of what the nation is actually comprised of,” Camille Wetherell (11) said.
For those who can’t yet vote, they still have a grasp of the importance of this civic duty and they continue to encourage those who can fulfill this democratic action.
“Voting is generally a perfect opportunity to have everyone’s voices to be heard. Even if our country is highly populated, every vote certainly counts. Not only that, but results can influence more elections to come, especially for future first-time voters like myself,” Demitrius Alleyne (10) said.
As much as we would like to see our country change for the better by voting, some feel apprehensive that it just might not be the case. However, it is a universal notion that everyone eligible to vote must fill out their ballots.
“Nowadays, it’s hard to keep faith in our government, knowing how frequently politicians abuse peoples’ trust. Of course, I will still vote, and will at every chance I get, because the U.S was founded on an ideal of ‘power to the people,’ which should be exercised at every chance. I’m not fully confident that our generation will bring about any political revolution, because I’ve seen almost as much conservatism as progressivism among my peers, but I have just as much hope that we have a far greater capacity for learning and change,” Allain Armean (12).
Bottomline, everyone must vote. Everyone must practice their basic form of democracy. It is no longer avoidable, or negotiable. Right now, we are in the midst of public health and social justice crises and we can not have abstention be the huge brick wall that blocks us from achieving any forms of change. If you are eligible and of age, please vote! Our future depends on it.