Should you adopt a pet during the pandemic?

How adopting an animal can help you stay “paws”-itive in quarantine.


Photo by Julianne Martin

This is a great time to give an animal a new home.

The massive spread of the novel Coronavirus has left many stuck in their homes and altered what was considered the “norm.” This abrupt interruption allowed newfound anxieties and uncertainties to erupt, overwhelming many during this extraordinary era. To alleviate these stresses, one can turn to a loving animal companion and change the tone of their situation by adopting a pet.
“I’m so glad we adopted our kitten during the pandemic. Adopting her has really helped to distract me from all the bad things that are going on in the world,” Chloe Brame (9) said.
With these constantly changing variables, something positive to distract people from everything that is negative seems extremely beneficial. It’s quite difficult to think about the unfortunate circumstances going on around you while you’re watching your kitten playfully chase your dog around your house.
Most students are stressed out from having school online and being required to wear masks in public, but all of that stress can be alleviated when you cuddle with your cat or play with your puppy. According to a survey done by, 52% of pet owners have felt even more comforted by their pets than usual all throughout the pandemic.
“When we interact with dogs, our oxytocin levels shoot up. Since this is the hormone largely responsible for social bonding, this hormonal ‘love injection’ boosts our psychological well-being,” A researcher at said.
It has been scientifically proven that pets provide comfort. Even during a pandemic, we can be confident that they will continue to provide it.
During these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to support and stay in touch with one another, and pet adoption is a phenomenal way to do that.
“I think that it can connect others by sharing their experiences with each other about adopting and hopefully promote the idea of adopting pets from shelters instead of breeders,” said Angela Munoz (11), a recent cat adopter.
When we adopt from a shelter, we support employees and express our profound gratefulness for all the work they continue to do. Every community can be united during these unprecedented times because of their shared love and experiences with their animals.
However, adopting a pet right now may not be the right decision for everyone.
“Although having a new pet can be a wonderful addition to the family, it is important to consider the time that is required to take care of them properly. I am concerned that after coronavirus restrictions are lifted and people are no longer spending as much time at home, there will be a large number of pets relinquished to shelters. When people go back to work, school or other activities away from home, they may no longer have the time to give their pets the attention they deserve,” said Dr. Lisa Leraas, a local veterinarian.
Before you adopt, make sure you evaluate if you will still be able to care for your animal even if your lifestyle changes.
Overall, many rewards await adopters; including the benefits of a positive distraction, an ongoing sense of emotional comfort, and an increased sense of social connection through the common love of animals. Although we aren’t able to end the worldwide pandemic, adoption can help to end some of the anxieties we face because of it. Those who adopt now will look back at this time through a different lens, as they nostalgically remember the first time they laid eyes on their loving companion.