HOMH: Emma Kranz looks back at her lacrosse memories


Photo by Courtesy of Emma Kranz

As the end of her senior year approaches Emma Kranz reflects on what was one of her most memorable experience.

“Looking back at my high school experience, the happiest memory I can recall happened during sophomore year when we beat CCA (Canyon Crest Academy) in a lacrosse game and we were able to go to the championship. That was a really big game because we had lost to CCA twice that year and so this was our third game against them, the semifinal. Everything was kind of stacked up against us but we ended up winning by one or two [points] in the last few minutes and it was a really good game but it was really exhausting. I remember the second the buzzer rang, I just felt so relieved and happy that we were going to the championship. It was a moment I was able to spend with my team so it felt like a breath of fresh air to know that our hard work had paid off.”