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Insufficient pay does not reflect teachers’ hard work

It is difficult for teachers to focus on individual students when they are bombarded with countless responsibilities on a daily basis.

Story by Ariana Jorden, Editor In Chief

January 23, 2020

     Teachers all around the globe have struggled to make ends meet with the shortage of funding they are provided and even the lack of respect they receive. Walkouts were staged on numerous occasions to protest for higher salaries, more benefits, and smaller class sizes. It was in March of 2019 ...

The dangers of assimilating into American culture

America, known for its diversity, has slowly been losing that characteristic.

Story by The Editorial Staff

January 9, 2020

Adolescents pay a high price for a sense of belonging and validation as they construct their identity and find their role within society, but for young Americans with distinct backgrounds, fitting in could mean abandoning their culture and sacrificing their heritage.      “I have asked my parents about...

The misrepresentation and oversexualization of teenagers in TV shows

Television shows dramatize the lives of teens, illustrating unrealistic situations.

Story by Marlene Calderon, Co-Editor in Chief

January 2, 2020

The 17-year-old student Veronica Lodge is being portrayed by the 25-year-old actress Camila Mendes. The 17-year-old student Jughead Jones is being portrayed by 27-year-old actor Cole Sprouse.    Teens often find themselves wondering why teens on TV look nothing like them. Shows such as “Riverdal...

The growing division between feminism and toxic feminism

Many disregard the feminist movement as its reputation has been tarnished by pessimistic women who claim to be feminists.

Story by Estephanie Mendez, Staff Writer

December 30, 2019

Since the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 which advocated for women’s suffrage, women continue to fight for equality beyond the 19th Amendment, as they pursue equal opportunity and treatment. This is what we call feminism, which is the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes...

Insecurity also affects individuals with society’s “ideal body type”

A constant belief that there is only one ideal body type lingers across the minds of many, disrupting their perception of who is worthy  of feeling insecure and who isn't.

Story by Antonio Morales Leyva, Opinions Editor

December 26, 2019

People are often willing to go to extreme lengths to extinguish their insecurities as it has become more encouraged with the growing age of new crash diets and pimple creams that promise the world. Although most people experience irrational insecurities, many feel as though they are not allowed to express...

Boomers can’t handle the boom

Young generations construct the term

Story by ArvinJay Jumalon, News Editor

December 23, 2019

Young generations and the internet often go hand-in-hand when devising new ways to make someone feel bad about themselves. Recently, the term “Ok Boomer” has hit a trend with Generation Z. Some speculate that it’s a sign of insubordination; a protest against older generations. But fundamentally,...

The importance of speaking with good purpose

With an increasing lack of respect for one another, it is important to understand the difference between playful teasing and being disrespectful.

Story by Ruby Castellanos, Staff Writer

December 12, 2019

It has become difficult to identify the difference between playful teasing and an insult. This problem has become especially true in teenagers as constant verbal disrespect outnumbers words of kindness. When someone is joking, it shouldn’t be offensive and hurtful, it should be laughable.      ...

Chick-Fil-A is the wrong moo-ve

As more people become aware of Chick-Fil-A's behaviors, the restaurant is losing more customers.

Story by Aurora Tague, Staff Writer

November 28, 2019

Over the past several decades, people have become more accepting than ever of the LGBTQ+ community, as marriage and adoption have become increasingly available options, and representation has become much more common than it once was. Unfortunately, there are a few organizations who are yet to join the progres...

Climate change is a real icebreaker

Although many are unaware of the effects of climate change, wild life continues to act as environmental indicator of the destruction that is being done to the  planet.

Story by Ian Waters, Arts and Entertainment Editor

November 21, 2019

    Climate change and its effects on the planet are not new, and still, ignorance blinds people from seeing its drastic effects. Government officials have done nothing to solve the problem, so it’s time for students to take action and make a change. Others might think it’s hard to make signi...

With an updated dress code comes the opportunity to follow trends more freely

As new trends are being set, more people find themselves being dress coded by the campus supervisors.

Story by Autumn Leader, Staff Writer

November 8, 2019

   Though style and trends change with each generation, one thing remains the same: clothes are outlets of expression. This year, Mission Hills High School’s Principal, Mrs. Flores-Dunda, has made it her goal to update the elderly dress code, made before the school’s opening in 2004, for students a...

Trick or treat? Store-bought costumes vs. homemade costumes

Alyssa Mandell (9) happily poses in her homemade jellyfish costume alongside Lauren Buckingham (9) and Reagan Barnum (9).

Story by Marlene Calderon, Co-Editor in Chief

October 28, 2019

    The school and office supply haven found in San Marcos’ Grand Avenue shopping center has waved goodbye to its Winco and Best Buy neighbors, and a new pop-up store has eerily taken its place: Spirit Halloween.     With the long-awaited “spooky season” bringing in temporary Halloween c...

As the rise in hate crimes continues, more people accept it as a norm within society

In a moment of emergency, students remain careless due to their normalized perception of transgression.

Story by Antonio Morales Leyva, Opinions Editor

October 14, 2019

   A deepening divide plagues the country as hate crimes bombard cities and plague countless members of American society. Hate crime rates have risen since 2016 according to the United States Department of Justice, which leaves many wondering why. From ethnic disputes to atrocities committed against...

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