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  • You can watch most of these spooky movies on various streaming platforms!


    From hilarious haunts to spooky scares, these Halloween movies are worth the watch

  • Lora Diaz surrounded by her favorite things.


    HOMH: Librarian Lora Diaz’s love for books runs deep

  • A student holds up their vaccination card


    California Pushes First US Vaccine Mandate for All Students

  • Tommy Nguyen listens to music to help him focus while he catches up on schoolwork.


    Small Changes You Can Make to Decrease Anxiety and Improve Your Mental Health

  • Old foes like Doc Ock, Green Goblin, and more are crossing into the MCU.


    The multiverse has been unleashed in “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

  • Mr. Krahel is solving an algebra problem on a whiteboard.


    Nick Krahel trades Carlsbad for his San Marcos dream job

  • Three nurse stand together as the get ready to head to the hospital


    COVID-19 Takes a Heavy Toll on Medical Professionals

  • people with instruments playing


    Sports recap: October 3, 2021

  • multiple players getting ready to spike the ball


    Sports Recap: September 28,2021

  • Jimmy Jones Jr. flexes on the freshman.


    Humans of Mission Hills: Jimmy Jones Jr. is rooting for the success of all Grizzly students

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The Student News Site of Mission Hills High School

The Silvertip

The Student News Site of Mission Hills High School

The Silvertip

The Student News Site of Mission Hills High School

The Silvertip

A student sits at her desk doing work for one of her many online classes.

Online learning and the affects on students’ health: Why we should take breaks from the screen

Story by The Editorial Board October 20, 2020

  Overwhelmed and isolated during this unprecedented era, students have been trying to navigate the anxieties brought by the global pandemic; all while trying to obtain a fulfilling education through...

When picking out a costume, it is your responsibility to stay mindful with what you represent on Halloween night.

Be creative and not offensive: Why you shouldn’t wear culturally appropriating Halloween costumes

Story by Avery Huffer, Staff Writer October 7, 2020

The leaves are changing colors, the air is getting chillier, and pumpkins are outside of every grocery store in sight. You know what that means: Halloween season is here! It’s time to put up fake spiderwebs...

Trump and Biden are seen aggressively speaking over the moderator and disrespecting the core values of the event.

Dysfunction on the debate stands

Story by Sophia Novelo and Lilly Brown October 4, 2020

The first presidential debate of 2020 aired Tuesday, Sept. 29, and was perhaps the most disappointing and unpresidential “debate” our nation has ever seen. From the constant bickering to the blatant...

This photo taken at Balboa, CA displays one of the many species that you can help keep safe.

Small acts of conservation can make a big difference: Here are 8 Eco-friendly products you can buy to help the environment

Story by Isa Tettero, Staff Writer October 2, 2020

Every year, global warming gets exponentially worse and worse. Glaciers are melting, forests are on fire, sea levels are rising, animals are going extinct, and those problems are just the tip of the melting...

Already exhausted, students prepare for the new addition to their schedule.

We should advise a different approach to the recently added advisory period

Story by Austin Schultz, Sports Editor September 22, 2020

The newest addition to student schedules, advisory, may just be the most disliked class in school history, and for good reasons. The administrative staff organized advisory to hopefully assist students...

All safety requirements must be met in order for athletes to return.

How COVID-19 put a ‘short-stop’ to high school sports and why student athletes should get back into the game

Story by Zachary McDermott, Staff Writer September 18, 2020

  From the student section to the rivalry, student athletes miss it all. With COVID-19 putting a halt to all social activities, student athletes are faced with a pressing issue: will they have...

This is a great time to give an animal a new home.

Should you adopt a pet during the pandemic?

Story by Malia Brame, Staff Writer September 14, 2020

The massive spread of the novel Coronavirus has left many stuck in their homes and altered what was considered the “norm.” This abrupt interruption allowed newfound anxieties and uncertainties to erupt,...

Students are seen wearing masks for their safe transition back to school.

Backpacks, books, pens, and masks

Story by Avery Huffer, Staff Writer September 12, 2020

In the midst of a global pandemic, should a student be penalized for wearing midriff-exposing clothing, but not for refusing to wear a mask? Absolutely not. As the possibility of in-person classes increases,...

Boy standing outside in front of tree

Joseph Kamandy combats the ‘gamer’ image

Story by Antonio Morales Leyva, Opinions Editor June 10, 2020

Upon meeting Joseph Kamandy, many see the poster child for a stereotypical gamer—the kid who can only communicate in Fortnite dances and who cannot seem to pack on enough deodorant. But though he has...

Castro leads by example on campus

Castro leads by example on campus

Story by Sophia Perun, Features Editor June 8, 2020

From her community on campus to her community in San Marcos, Angelee Castro has dedicated numerous hours into impacting the lives around her. With humility as a strong suit, Castro does not allow her achievements...

Ezekeal Mata is thrilled to be playing for his dream team, the LSU Tigers.

Mata gets a kick out of his college football dream

Story by Joseph Kamandy, Multimedia Editor May 29, 2020

   With a positive charisma blended with raw talent and unapologetic sportsmanship, Ezekeal Mata makes for an unparalleled athlete to keep an eye on under the stadium lights. Hard working, dedicated,...

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