HOMH: Anette Vazquez opens up on how her jam-packed schedule has affected her social life

Anette Vazquez adjusts to her new schedule while facing challenges along the way.


Photo by Noemi Damian Vazquez

Anette Vazquez opens up on how her jampacked schedule has affected her social life

“It’s stressful sometimes, I want to give up but I can’t, I even went to UCSD and I feel like it’s probably going to get even more stressful. Sometimes I want to do Foothills [online school], like some of my friends, but they don’t have any AP classes. I am currently taking AP Bio and AP Calc, which I am not doing so well in because I took Drama Production and during that time I fell behind and I haven’t been able to catch up since. I am also taking AP Lang which is okay at times, I was going to drop in the beginning but I stayed mainly because of a friend. I am also taking US History from a Chicano’s Perspective which is a dual enrollment class, it’s a lot easier than taking APUSH. Because of these classes, I don’t have as much time with my family. I wake up, go to school, then stay after school for other classes, community service/programs and get home at eight. Then I do my homework and go to sleep. It’s definitely put a strain because I always feel like I’m missing out when my sister tells me what she did. And every day I get text messages from friends asking to hang out but I have to say no because I have to prioritize school over going out … sometimes I work around it, but then I end up doing my work late at night.”