HOMH: Talia Azzam goes on an expedition to dig deeper into her perfect career

Talia Azzam attends the career expedition trip in order to find her perfect career.


Photo by Maya Arcidiacono

Talia Azzam outside of the mudcave

“The career expedition trip is an opportunity where 50 seniors get to go to Vallecitos Water District and learn about the different careers that go into making the water that we drink today. Some of which being engineering and the Health care side of what makes water healthy enough to drink. I signed up because I saw it all over social media and my counselor had talked about it. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to learn about different careers out there and there’s so many opportunities to help you learn about them. I’m excited to go because […] I would love to go into a healthcare career and knowing about the different aspects that go into healthcare, truly interests me. Along with that water is a commonly used thing, which is obvious, but no one really knows the process that goes into it and how so many different career aspects go into making water that we drink today. I really enjoyed the trip because it was a way to understand that simple things we use everyday go through a very long process. Something that stood out to me was the lab portion. I never knew all the experiments they had to do to make sure the pH was balanced and if the water is too acidic it can be dangerous. It helped me explore the option of engineering, which I had never considered before, but it seemed very appealing in the presentation.”