MHHS’ library faces reconstruction

New seating areas fill the library once consumed by rows of shelves


Photo by Ariana Talamantes

Tables and chairs now replace what used to be filled with shelves full of books

This school year, Grizzlies have found themselves at a loss for words, and not just literally speaking. Many questions have been circulating around campus regarding the library’s new look, where there is one noticeable difference; the lack of books.
The library has always been a safe place for students to. Grizzlies have been left with a sense of confusion as the area has constantly been renovated throughout the year. However, not only students are experiencing this confusion, many teachers and staff have been left without answers as well.
“There were a lot of old, outdated books, and we just wanted books that students are interested in. So, we did donate a lot of them, and we put them up for grabs for students to also choose if they want them for free. Still not sure what exactly will happen with the new open area. That’s all that we’ve been told,” librarian aid Genoveva Gomez said.
The big change hasn’t caused too much of a disruption to students either. Thanks to the newly added space, the library has been able to hold a greater capacity of students. The larger capacity has brought in many positive responses from students who use the library often.
“I personally like these new changes because it replaces out empty shelves that had little purpose in the library. The library can hold more people [now],” freshman Deanna Vuong said.
While informed faculty members have yet to disclose what will be done with the new space, there’s no shortage of requests from students about what to do with the area.
“I think having a common area with comfortable seating would be beneficial in getting more students into the library. I hope our school creates a welcoming area with the new space in the library,” freshman Violet Linden said.
With this school year being Grizzlies’ first year fully back in person, it’s no surprise that many changes are being done around campus. The library has many purposes, and it’s fascinating to see how the construction will benefit the library and the people who use it for years to come.