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Brain rot on the internet being viewed by Jacob Lawrence.

When the Internet Breaches the Screen

Story by Christopher Ornelas, Staff Writer February 1, 2024

The internet's influence on the youth of this generation creates a volatile culture that thrives on conflict and consumerism. Big named media producers push ill-natured behaviors and slang onto impressionable...

Junior Mariah Lambert with her daily energy drink

Energy Drink Epidemic

Story by Lucy Garrity, Sports Editor February 1, 2024

Energy drinks relentlessly spark controversy regarding their benefits and health issues that arise as a result of consistent consumption. Not only does this controversy occur in the realm of adults, but...

A beautiful friendship bracelet: such a perfect gift.

Struggling With Gifts? Here’s Some Gift Ideas to Gift Your Friends!

Story by Zaera Beltran, Staff Writer February 1, 2024

Likely chances are that your friends mean a lot to you—and who wouldn’t like to strengthen that friendship through a little gift-giving? It’s a great idea, yes, but in reality, gift-giving isn’t...

The reason for the influx - trash in trash can.

Bees and their Relationship with Trash

Story by Christopher Ornelas, Staff Writer January 18, 2024

An influx of bees within the MHHS campus is an apparent hindrance to many people’s lunch or classtime. This time of year is especially busy for insects with colonies (primarily bees and ants), as the...

Maddy Donlon picks a playlist to listen to while focusing on her work.

How Does Music Help Students Focus?

Story by Sophia Kothe, Staff Writer January 12, 2024

When people look around at school, most students are usually listening to music with their earbuds or headphones. Some teachers don’t like when students listen to music, but how could listening to music...

Hailey Cruz proved to be an inspiration to many throughout her time at Mission Hills.

Finding herself: Hailey Cruz

Story by Lori Nishiguchi, News Editor June 7, 2023

Radiating her loving personality through whatever she encounters, Hailey Cruz will soon move out of high school, taking her unparalleled passion for what she loves with her. The past four years have led...

Security cameras can be found all around campus as an effort to ensure the safety of students.

Student safety proves being a priority for Mission Hills

Story by The Editorial Board May 11, 2023

Student safety is of utmost importance at any school district. Parents should be able to send their kids to school without the fear of something terrible happening on campus and students should feel safe...

1984 by George Orwell has been challenged because of its political and explicit content.

Limited censorship on library books proves valuable for students

Story by Jonathan Wilbers, Staff Writer April 14, 2023

Should students read “obscene” books? This question has been at the heart of a debate going back several decades, with books such as “Catcher in the Rye” having been banned in schools across the...

Some students may find themselves in more collaborative classes, like ASB.

Students want more transparency on elective classes

Story by Cora Chadwick, Opinions Editor March 23, 2023

Every year, students are faced with the decision of what elective to take. The decision of which to take may be easy for some, but others may struggle to make a final decision. Taking elective classes...

Students may find themselves becoming overwhelmed as the year goes on.

Coping methods for student stress

Story by Alix Ortega, Staff Writer March 9, 2023

With the beginning of the second semester and schedule changes that have left some Grizzlies caught off guard, the last thing students need is to be pent up with stress. For those dealing with overwhelming...

Students in the coming years will be required to take three years of science rather than two.

Class and standardized testing requirements change for underclassmen

Story by The Editorial Board February 23, 2023

With course selection in progress, what classes to take in the incoming school year has been emphasized. However, graduation requirements for different grades are affecting the future schedules of students...

Those in general P.E. are familiar with the practice of running the mile for a grade.

Is the mile grading system in General P.E. fair?

Story by Daniel Ashlock, Editor in Chief February 16, 2023

In General P.E. at Mission Hills, one of the most important assessments is the mile, typically run every two weeks or so. After finishing the run, you get a grade based on your elapsed time, a 100 percent...

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