HOMH: Teacher of the Year Award goes to… Mr. Miller!

Congratulations to Mr. Miller for winning this year’s Teacher of the Year Award!


Photo by Mrs. Nicole Miller

Mr. Miller standing next to Mr. Baker after his acceptance of the Teacher of the Year Award.

“The awards ceremony happened on Tuesday, Feb. 14 at the Mission Hills All-Staff Meeting. The award was definitely a pleasant surprise. I was thankful to be nominated for the award and it feels humbling to have the respect of other teachers and staff on the campus. I was surprised to have won the award. I have been a teacher at Mission Hills for 18 years and have been able to build strong relationships with my fellow teachers on campus, as well as the students in my classes. Each day I try my best to meet the motto we have for the school of ‘high standards in a nurturing environment.’ Since all of my students are seniors this year, I want them to enjoy their last year at Mission Hills. I want to help them make positive memories from their Government class as well as their involvement on campus. I also want to help better prepare my students for their life after high school and help refine the skills they need to have success in whatever their next path is. It is always great to hear all of the accomplishments of my former students after they have graduated from Mission Hills.”