HOMH: Yasmin Binkier the artist with diverse taste

Yasmin Binkier dips her brush into the different sections of art.


Photo by McKenna Crenshaw

Yasmin Binkier follows the lead of her different artistic skills.

“First, I started off with painting and drawing because it [came easy] to me when I was younger. I started my freshman year with Painting and Drawing 1. But then due to COVID, I didn’t do art my sophomore year…But then junior year, I was kind of doing everything. Since COVID, I thought, like, doing more in-case that happened again…to just enjoy my junior year. [In tech-theater] someone has the plan and they give it to you. I need someone to give me the instructions or the blue-prints for the set. It was hard at first because there was a bunch of new people that didn’t know what was going on [this year]…It is fun showing people the ropes. So I have to be really patient and show them how to clean brushes. For AP Ceramics and AP Painting and Drawing, I have to go for a theme for the portfolio. I mean you do get a lot of freedom with that theme, but it just has to tie together. At Palomar…there is a bunch of things that I really like that are mostly in the arts, like graphic design, because it is all of the techniques. But I also want to continue ceramics. My career…can go multiple ways…because I have a lot of openings to get into that career and that career..so it’s like where do I go?”