HOMH: Demitrius Alleyne shoots for the moon and lands in CASMEC


Photo by Mckenna Crenshaw

Alleyne is one of few in MHHS history to make it into CASMEC.

“When I first entered that stage to set up all the percussion instruments at the William Soryan theater, I noticed that there were a bunch of people in that theater. It was jam-packed. All of the seats were pretty much full. That kind of got me pumped up to just be like ‘alright, I am doing this thing, I can’t believe that I am actually a part of this thing after wanting this for so long.’ And then when it came to just performing, it was the same thing that I do for every other performance. I always just live in the moment and give my best performance. I think really it’s just doing what I love and expressing the emotions that I have whenever I perform.”