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The Student News Site of Mission Hills High School

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The Student News Site of Mission Hills High School

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student crams for AP test just weeks before the exam

AP Classes Focus More on the Exam Than the Course Material

Story by Lilly Brown, Opinions Editor April 20, 2022

Beginning next month, AP students across the country will start to take the tests that they’ve been studying for all school year long. Though this sounds like a good opportunity to earn college credit,...

A Mission Hills student scrolling through their social media feed.

Social Media Has Serious Impacts on Teen Views of Serious Issues

Story by Taylin Jimenez, Staff Photographer April 8, 2022

People used to rely on news sources such as channel news stations, websites, or newspapers to stay relevant. . Nowadays, while some people still rely on these outlets, social media has proved its overall...

With gender neutral bathrooms staying locked many students lose class time struggling to get it unlocked.

A Lack of Gender-Neutral Restrooms on Campus Poses a Challenge for Students

Story by Lenox Stepp, Writer March 18, 2022

Mission Hills High School has three gender-neutral bathrooms that are available for student use; two near the locker rooms, which are used as a changing room for our school's LGBTQ+ students, and single-stall...

Pamphlets like these arent sufficient enough to teach young minds about sex.

Insufficient Information in Sexual Education Programs for Teens Only Hurts Them

Story by Lilly Brown, Opinions Editor March 11, 2022

Modern society is highly sexualized—you can find traces of people embracing their sexuality in everything from advertisements to TV shows. It’s no secret that nearly every American teenager encounters...

Mallory Gallagher, MHHS ASL One teacher shown teaching her class.

Maternity Leave Crisis Leaves New Mothers With a Difficult Choice

Story by Delilah Garcia, Staff Writer March 4, 2022

In some European countries such as Hungary, Sweden, and Finland, mothers can expect to receive 6-months to a year of maternity leave, while America averages at 10 weeks, pennies in comparison. For being...

The frequent false alarms raise safety concerns for staff and students on campus.

The school that cried fire alarm

Story by The Editorial Staff February 24, 2022

Since coming back to school in person it’s common for the fire alarm to go off at the end of class and sometimes multiple times throughout the day. Although this might seem like a harmless prank or a...

Barbies Standards Create a Lasting Affect on Young Girls Mental Health

Barbie’s Standards Create a Lasting Affect on Young Girls Mental Health

Story by Delilah Garcia, Staff Writer January 20, 2022

Barbies are one of the most iconic toys for many young girls. Childhoods were built on this franchise. However, a seemingly innocent playtime activity is one of the biggest contributors to women’s body...

The Mission Hills student parking lot is filled with parent and student drivers as school comes to an end.

Student Drivers Struggle with Overcrowding of the Student Parking Lot

Story by The Editorial Staff November 1, 2021

Students who drive to school every day know the many challenges of making it in and out of the parking lot. First, make it to the car, watching out for other drivers. Pull out of the parking spot, trying...

Decorating graduation caps would allow students to embrace their creative side.

Graduating with style: Why seniors should be allowed to design their graduation caps

Story by Avery Huffer, Staff Writer May 12, 2021

The momentous event of graduation draws near, and with it comes a question that students have been asking for many years: should seniors be able to decorate their graduation caps? In short, yes they should. “I...

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