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The Student News Site of Mission Hills High School

The Silvertip

When going to parties, many teenagers do not want to engage in drinking but feel an insurmountable amount of pressure. One should never feel afraid to say no to something they do not want to do.

Underage and under the influence leads to underachievement

Story by The Editorial Staff March 19, 2019

  Fingertips carefully grasp the red-plastic cup as loud music continuously pounds in the background. Familiar faces surround the teenager, and due to societal pressure, the cup is raised and a drink...

Students are demanding their voices be heard, and are actively participating in political discussions.

Student activism activates student learning everywhere

Story by ArvinJay Jumalon, News Editor March 13, 2019

  U.S and world politics have been bleeding into everyday lives; with the government initiating extreme measures and experiments, the future becomes more and more uncertain. But as the political climate...

Although pictures may depict a perfect person, there often lies a messy life. Everyone should celebrate the flaws and strengths they carry.

Being in the spotlight does not entail having a perfect life

Story by Antonio Morales Leyva and March 5, 2019

  In the realm of social media, it has now become remarkably easy to show the positive sides of one’s life and conceal one’s misfortunes. This is especially true for people with an audience; influencers...

Leah Carranza (10) encourages students to seek help and talk to their guidance counselor.

Suicide is no joking matter in this age of social media

Story by Josette Rivera, Staff Writer February 20, 2019

    In recent years, jokes about serious issues revolving around suicidal thoughts and clinical depression have arisen on social media in the form of memes. The origin of this internet subculture is...

Many students view a 4.0 GPA as an exceptional goal. Others view it as an underachievement.

A 4.0 GPA may not be all it’s cracked up to be

Story by Antonio Morales Leyva, Opinions Editor February 19, 2019

In the typical classroom, students are exposed to a competitive learning environment where one’s GPA (grade point average) is placed on oneself for the sole purpose of numerically comparing a student’s...

The burdens and beauty of dating as a teen

The burdens and beauty of dating as a teen

Story by The Editorial Staff February 14, 2019

  The holiday of love is rapidly approaching and teenagers are confronting spending Valentine's Day alongside someone special or by themselves. Dozens of roses’ wafting scent and Cupid’s volleys...

Illustration by Laura Rico-Zarate

Burnout becomes increasingly prevalent in the lives of adults and teenagers

Story by Josette Rivera, Staff Writer February 12, 2019

   Life for a teenager is often stressful, hectic and tiring; when a student manages to keep their life together, peers look onto them as models to follow. However, when it comes to balancing difficult...

The pain and struggle behind letting go of a toxic friend

The pain and struggle behind letting go of a toxic friend

Story by Brenda Camacho, Staff Writer February 6, 2019

  Upon entering kindergarten, students immediately begin to develop friendships and find companions amongst their peers. Finding a like-minded yet different individual that one could confide in was...

Illustration by Laura Rico-Zarate

Not all Californians are eager to jump on the bullet train bandwagon

Story by Hannah Larson, Grizzly Den Editor January 29, 2019

The never-ending issue of politics and dollar signs is popping up again, and the problem is centered on a high-speed rail designed to run between San Francisco and Los Angeles. While some Californians...

Illustration by Laura Rico-Zarate

Living with zero tolerance for trash

Story by Salma Ramirez, Co-Editor in Chief January 22, 2019

Imagine going a day without single-use plastic and non-compostable waste; you can’t brush your teeth, eat school lunch or chew a stick of gum. Simple tasks are almost impossible to complete without the...

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