The benefits of distanced learning and why we should not go back on campus


Photo by Malia Brame

Although some students want to go back to school, staying online does have its benefits.

Story by Lilly Brown, Opinions Editor

Since March 13th 2020, the San Marcos Unified School District (SMUSD) has been using distance learning to school students, with the exception of elementary schools following a hybrid schedule. Many students long to go back to physical school, however, staying online has many benefits for students and the community.
One obvious reason to continue with distance learning is the surge in coronavirus cases not only in California but also in San Diego County, which has a total of 262,000 reported cases. Going back to school would threaten the health of teachers, students, and potentially their family members. Our number one priority should be the health and safety of our staff and students, so it should be crucial that we continue distance learning.
“I believe that it’s important for us to continue online school for all of our safety and so that none of us catch the virus and continue the spread,” junior Sophie Lemus said.
While learning at home, students don’t have to worry about transportation to and from school, but it could be an issue during physical school for students who have to walk or take the bus to campus. If we went back to school in person, these students might struggle with the new COVID-19 guidelines that allow for less space available on public transportation.
Since distance learning means that we do all of our work from home, parents have more opportunities to be involved with their children’s education. Parents and guardians now have a chance to see what students’ classes are like instead of having to rely 100% on emails or their children’s communication. And with the help of parents being able to watch their classes in real-time, students can get assistance with issues and alleviate any confusion caused by distance learning.
“Even though many of us still aren’t comfortable with online learning, it prevents students and teachers from getting covid since there is a possibility of more spreading when we go back,” junior Arely Carretero said.
Another plus of continuing distance learning is the continuation of a customized curriculum. Staying home means more time for extracurriculars and receiving help in the areas that suit students’ needs. In SMUSD’s case, the 4×4 class schedule system allows for more credits to be earned in one school year than a student could have normally. With an extra class period each term, students can now get tutoring during school hours, work towards early graduation, and even earn more college credits by taking more AP classes.
Next time you feel down about having to stay home for school, think about all the positives that can come from the situation. Continuing distance learning instead of going back to in-person school is an opportunity for new hobbies, friends, and further education for students, all while keeping the community safe.