Audrey Santander lends her hand and heart before going off to college


Photo by Audrey Santander

During her time at Mission Hills, Audrey Santander has put much of her dedication into community service through Key Club.

Story by Ariana Jorden, Editor In Chief

       Giving back to her community, whether in or outside of school, is one of Audrey Santander’s biggest callings as both a grizzly and an individual. She has been a part of the Key Club for all four years of high school and began serving as the club’s president entering her senior year. Her favorite high school memory was going to the Key Club District Convention with her friends.

       “A really big influence in my high school career was the work that I did through Key Club. I encountered situations that the less fortunate had to go through and it opened my eyes to the privilege that I had. I realized I had the facilities to instigate a better lifestyle for not only myself but also the people around me.”

       Audrey plans to attend UC San Diego and major in biochemistry after high school. She would like to travel and learn about the cultures of many countries.

       “Audrey is one of my AP Stats stars! She has continually impressed me with her level of academic commitment; her work in my class is always first-rate. Audrey will make a great addition to the UCSD community. I know that she will enjoy continued success there in her quest to become a valued medical professional. I congratulate her and all the seniors as they go forth to pursue their dreams,” Statistics teacher Mr. Billings said.

“I hope to earn a degree to pursue medical school and become a pediatrician in the future,” Santander said.

      Apart from Key Club and her studies, Santander has also played tennis, participated in track and field, and been a member of the cheer team. She’s also been a member of CSF and is in the National Honor Society. Although shy at times, one thing is for sure: Audrey still strides to lend a hand when possible and gives her all into her work.

    “There are so many great things I could say about Audrey! She was such a pleasure to have in class! Audrey put careful thought and effort into everything she did, which led her to success in class and in extra-curricular activities. She was able to beautifully balance her rigorous academic schedule with a huge amount of school and community service hours! I wish her the best on her journey and she’ll find great success due to her work ethic and commitment to her goals,” Biology and Physics teacher, Ms. Drewniak said.

    “I want people to know that although I’m a fairly shy person, I won’t hesitate to help them out with anything they need,” Santander said.

     As her senior year begins to come to a close, Santander wishes to share some advice with her fellow grizzlies to ensure that they will reach their full potential and seek help and support when they truly need it.

     “I regret not utilizing help to do the best I could in my classes, so take advantage of the resources around you to make sure that you can perform to the best of your ability.”