A “Fine Line” of ethereal tunes

Harry Styles’ newest album “Fine Line” redefines the popstar’s sound and career.


Photo by Joseph Kamandy

Harry Styles poses his signature question “Do you know who you are?” as he experiments with new sounds.

Story by Marlene Calderon, Co-Editor in Chief

   From boy band heartthrob to rising popstar with a rockstar flare, Harry Styles is redefining his sound and stepping into the light with the release of his album: “Fine Line.” 

   Styles has an authentic sound that differs from his former One Direction bandmates—there is no prominent desire to be another cookie-cutter radio hit. The release of his self-titled debut album presented undeniable melodic hits, but an apparent view that he was still figuring out his true sound. 

   Now nearly two years later, he posed the question, “Do you know who you are?” to fans. And it’s clear that he has definitely figured that out himself. 

   “Honestly, I prefer his newer releases over the songs he first released in 2017. They’re much more upbeat and catchy, and I find myself listening to the songs non-stop. His new releases touch on sexuality and exploring self-identity, which I think can be really inspiring to people who are still figuring things out themselves,” Mallory Arcena (12) said.   

   Prior to the release of his new album, Styles released three songs: Lights Up, Watermelon Sugar, and Adore You. Fans had been eagerly anticipating new music, but no one was quite sure what to expect or when to expect it.

   With the release of Lights Up, a lively and enigmatic return was evident. The video and song revealed a newfound confidence within the singer; he wasn’t afraid to embrace his femininity and sexuality with the world.

    Nearly a month later, Watermelon Sugar was first performed when Styles hosted and performed on Saturday Night Live; the song was as sweet a tune as the title suggested. Adore You, on the other hand, had much anticipation due to the mysterious island of Eroda that Styles created to intrigue fans and showcase his vivid storytelling.  

   “I had never listened to Harry Styles, but when I listened to Adore You, I was honestly surprised. He has such a soothing voice and everything was so harmonious. I would definitely check out his upcoming album,” Jared Kinard (12) said.

   With all the songs released prior to the launch of the full album, excitement only grew and fans couldn’t wait to listen to its entirety. The new tracks revived the dedication of longtime fans while also stringing along new fans. Let go of any presumptions, and don’t be afraid to give “Fine Line” a listen. Harry Styles’ 12-track sophomore album is out now.