Dazzling DuBroy is destined to direct


Photo by Joseph Kamandy

No need to toot her own horn: DuBroy’s excellence speaks for itself.

Story by Marlene Calderon, Co-Editor in Chief

  High school is often dull and monotonous, but Jordan Dubroy is a brilliant, bold, and bubbly individual that brings life to campus through her artistic nature. Of all her high school endeavors, being a part of the band program shaped Dubroy into an inspiration for future Grizzlies.

  “Being in band gave me my core friend group and made me an ambitious and driven person. Without the people I met through band, I would be a completely different person who I probably wouldn’t like very much,” Dubroy said.

  This aspiring filmmaker helped direct the activities and atmosphere of Mission Hills’ band through her role as vice president. She found a family among her fellow band members; the dehydrated bunch poured gallons of sweat and tears into their unforgettable rehearsals and competitions.

   “One of my greatest memories comes from my last marching band competition. Before leaving the field, I blew a goodbye kiss to the audience, and told my kiddos how much they meant to me at the depluming ceremony afterwards. It will forever be a beautiful end to a significant part of my life,” Dubroy said.

  While Dubroy has an admitted struggle with tempo, she will perfectly follow the enthusiastic beat of her promising future at Hofstra University. Mission Hills will definitely feel the absence of this sweet creature who always made sure to treat people with kindness.