Maleah Moore will break free and soar


Photo by Courtesy of Maleah Moore

Maleah Moore visits Bryce Canyon, Utah for a family trip.

Story by Isabel Ner, Features Editor

   Easily identifiable by her curly hair or contagious smile, Maleah Moore will leave a lasting impression as vice president of Key Club and a standout swimmer and water polo player.

  “Swimming has made high school go by faster. It introduced me to more people and most of my good friends. It also gave me the opportunity to experience a new sport; I never did swimming prior to high school, and I think I’m going to do it for the rest of my life,” Moore said.

  Although she excels in aquatics, Maleah doesn’t see herself active in swimming at college but rather keeping it as a side hobby. Instead, she will be focusing on saving the earth at UC Berkeley, where she will be majoring in environmental engineering—a course that works to advance public health and the condition of the earth.

  “I want to save the environment, because there is a lot of pollution these days, and we aren’t being kind to the earth right now,” Moore said.

  Her interest is also piqued by good books and trips overflowing with emotions.

  “If I’m not swimming or at the pool deck, you can find me either reading a good book, volunteering with my church, or conducting a feel trip,” Moore said.

  Her ability to connect with others makes her a friendly face around campus and a heartwarming personality that will surely be missed by many people when she goes off to UC Berkeley.