Photo by Celeste Vaca Jimenez

Pep Rally Comissioners at the Disco Bowl Pep Rally, helping to make it a success. Jimmy Knox substituting for Coral Clarke.

HOMH: The minds behind our Pep Rallies, Trey Vergenz and Coral Clarke

November 2, 2022

Trey Vergenz

  “I wanted to become a pep rally commissioner because I wanted to create more unity in our school and our community. I also wanted to create a more inclusive [and] spirited high school community. I am very excited about the upcoming rallies since we are trying a bunch of new things to create even better rally’s, especially Disco Bowl. I enjoy the reactions I get from the students at the rally’s, since that is how I judge how well I’m doing at that current moment. If I don’t get a lot of reaction, then I need to change something to make it better. I am the most excited for the Discovery Bowl pep rally since it is the most hype sporting event of the year for our school. In order to prepare our students for the game that night, we’ll collab with the football team and legendary Coach Hauser to get everyone pumped for the smackdown. I am always happy when a rally is over since they are usually very stressful. However, I love the stress, since it prepares me for what might be thrown at me while on the mic. Sometimes, I am not happy with how the rallies turnout, but there [are] always opportunities to improve for the next one.”

Coral Clarke

   “I wanted to become a pep commissioner because it’s the first thing I remembered from my freshmen year, going to a pep rally. I wanted to bring more spirit to our events in hopes of getting more participation from not just ASB students but schoolwide. I’m sad I’ll only be here for 4 of the 5 pep rallies this year, but that just means I need to make them more memorable. Also excited to experiment with new games and ideas this year to hopefully prepare next year’s commissioners. I enjoy the energy created when the whole school is brought together to prepare and celebrate for an event. I also enjoy being able to determine what kind of activities we use to see the most interaction. I’m most excited for our basketball season pep rallies, and to switch the focus from football over to basketball, we have different games and activities for these upcoming rallies that I vacant wait to see finally be put into action. I love the pep rallies, and how they turn out, there are a lot of little things that people don’t see, and those can cause a lot of doubt/stress in the week leading up to the day of, but it brings me, Trey and our ASB together and we always end up having a great time preparing and executing the pep rallies.”

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