A Pep Rally of Firsts and Lasts

ASB held its final pep rally of the year inside the gym

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On April 15th, cheering, clapping, and laughter rang throughout the gym. For the first time in over two years, Mission Hills finally held its first pep rally in the gym. Ironically, it was also the last pep rally of the school year.
After facing an atypical year, students and staff came together to enjoy a regular school event, just like how they were able to do years before. For seniors, it would be their last pep rally of their entire high school career.
“I was delighted by how much the student body seemed to enjoy them [pep rally events] and how well they turned out despite some hiccups,” said junior Emily Crysler, an ASB member.
Pep rallies were not organized in the ways they previously were. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mission Hills held the pep rallies outside on the football field or were canceled because of bad weather. But finally, this year’s hosts, Makenna Kellerman and Sabrina Esteban, were able to organize the pep rally. Kellerman and Esteban worked hard to ensure that this pep rally would be full of activities and performances to get the student body pumped up for the prom announcement.
To kick off the pep rally, the marching band and color guard beautifully performed together. They carried on the tradition of playing the Grizzly fight song. For many, it was a bittersweet moment. It was the last pep rally that they would perform at in the year, concluding the marching band season officially.
“It made me remember how much I miss marching season and how much fun it is to get in front of everyone and conduct for them,” said junior Andrew Kramer, the Drum Major of the Cardinal Alliance The pep rally continued with a special performance from the school’s rock band, M.L.A. The students danced and sang along as the band played. After raising the crowd’s energy with the music, the pep rally dug into its other features. The ASB staff selected different students from various sports to play games. One of the games received a big laugh after one of the participants was thrown into the trash can that was in the middle of the circle.
In addition to the musical performances and the fun games, the Varsity dance team delivered a jaw-dropping performance. The dance was a special hip-hop routine to a mash-up of different songs. But within thirty seconds of the routine, the music abruptly turned off. Without hesitation, the dancers continued their dance as the crowd encouraged them in awe. To top off the list of performers, the Varsity cheer team produced a fantastic cheer routine that incorporated various stunts that amazed those watching.
“In the end we know most students came away with an exciting display of our school’s spirit,” said junior Ryan Finley, an ASB pep commissioner.
To top off the pep rally, ASB announced what everyone was waiting for. This year’s prom theme was revealed on large banners dropped from the top of the gym stairwell. The crowd screamed in unison as the theme sunk in: Summer Solstice. The pep rally completed its ultimate goal: get the school excited for the upcoming event. As everyone walked out of the gym, there were smiles to be seen everywhere.