Deadline For College Applications Creep Closer


Photo by Kenzi Holmes

College pennants hang on a wall from five of the many colleges high school seniors can currently apply to.

Story by Samantha Wong, Editor in Chief

    College applications can be a time of added stress for high school seniors as they navigate through the long process, while still maintaining their grades. Complying with numerous deadlines, seniors must complete the Common App that all colleges applied to receive and individual applications.  

   “I have been extremely stressed balancing four AP classes as well as ASB and dance team, but I alleviate stress by planning ahead and asking for help whenever I need it. School resources have been extremely helpful because they provide extra information and give the best tips,” senior Sabrina Esteban said. 

   Early decision deadlines came up first and were due on November 1st. Students who applied via early decision, will hear back sooner than their peers who turn in applications later. However, early decision acceptances are binding, meaning the applicant must enroll if offered admission. 

   “I decided against applying for early decisions because it was too stressful. A benefit is being able to know if you’re in or not earlier, but a drawback is added stress for deadlines and a less polished application,” senior Chloe Chang said.

   The California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) application deadlines are November 30th. Only one application is needed for all nine UC campuses, and cost $70, but fee waivers are available. 

  A transcript should not be submitted to UCs at this time, but it should be referred to throughout the entire process to ensure that all information provided is accurate. To request a transcript use Parchment. After making or signing into an account, follow the steps provided to receive your transcript. 

   “Every minute of my day is filled with something to do. For the past 6 weeks there has never been a night where I have gone to sleep without something left on my to-do list that I don’t finish,” senior Alex Chang said. 

   Colleges ask for two or three letters of recommendation, often from teachers or employers. These letters help colleges hear about skills, accomplishments, and a students’ personality that wouldn’t otherwise be shown through grades and test scores. Counseling has put together a letter of recommendation packet to help with the process. 

   As the time comes closer here are some deadlines to keep in mind: CSU and/or UC applications due November 30th, Common Apps due January 1st, and most private school applications are due January 31st, but may vary depending on the school. 

   “Avoid procrastination and prioritize mental health before anything else. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because everyone needs it from time to time. We got this, just keep pushing through,” Esteban said.