Angelina Calabrese commits to four more years of soccer


Photo by Paul Calabrese

Soccer has been a primary dedication for Angelina Calabrese during her high school career.

Story by Sophia Perun, Features Editor

   Radiant and lively, Angelina Calabrese certainly brings positive energy into any room. Her compelling spirit does not stop there as she is also highly admired on both the soccer and lacrosse field for her work ethic and commendable performance.

  “My favorite high school memory was going to the CIF championships for lacrosse and getting a runner up patch because it felt like a great accomplishment,” said Calabrese.

   “I was very involved in the soccer program for all four years and for my senior year got second-team all-league. I want to continue playing soccer in college because it’s my passion and I’ll always love the sport,” said Calabrese.

    In the future, Calabrese will be attending Webster University in Missouri to continue her soccer career and study early childhood education. Pairing beautifully with her warm and animated personality, Calabrese plans to move back to California and become a kindergarten teacher.

    With a future to look forward to, Calabrese savored the moments that high school had to offer her and recommends that others do the same while they can. 

    “I will miss seeing my friends every day at school and having our preschool singing jam in the car. I have no regrets, but I do advise the lowerclassmen to participate in all the school events because you’ll always remember the good times of high school like prom, senior sunrise, and homecoming. Live your high school experience to the fullest and do everything with no regrets,” said Calabrese.