The Spotlight Shines Bright on Lance Holmes


Photo by Kimberly Rudd

Story by Ian Waters, Editor in Chief

The theater stage is no stranger to Lance Holmes, a thespian and aspiring costume designer. Starting theater in his early middle school career, Holmes developed a passion for the art and knew he would love to continue with it throughout his life. 

“I’m originally from a small county in Virginia. We didn’t have a drama program until my 8th grade year so I had to wait until a traveling production company would visit. Growing up my mom would take my sister and I to see our babysitter in her high school musicals and I fell in love. I first started doing theater the summer going into middle school,” Holmes said. 

From this point on he starred in many shows, most recently at Mission Hills, in Schoolhouse Rock Live and Carrie: The Musical. Since he has done so many shows, there’s no doubt that he has had incredible experiences and memories, which include certain roles he has played. 

“I loved playing George from Schoolhouse Rock Live because he was just happy all the time, had a lot of bow ties, and burst into song for no apparent reason. I connect with that,” he stated. 

Participating in shows also leaves a lasting impression on somebody. The memories, goofs, and fun provide an enjoyable experience to the person partaking in them. Each person has their own opinions about the most fun part about theater. Some love some, and some love it all.

“The most fun thing about doing shows is everything! The costumes, the sets, watching everything come together and just being able to express yourself through acting like someone else,” Holmes mentioned.

As much as theater is an incredible activity to have fun and be yourself, it can come with some challenging tasks. Changing your look, or personality for a role can come as a challenge to some actors.

“The most challenging part for me is having to change the way I talk or the way I walk to fit the character I’m trying to portray, but if all the characters I played acted like me, I’d be bored,” Holmes said.

Along with theater, Lance is inspired by English. He has always been amazed by literature and being able to personally connect to the characters of a story. He credits his love of literature, no matter how bad he is at it, to his strong passion of theater. As much as he loves literature and theatrical acting, he has his eyes set on a different career path. Holmes is captivated by the fashion industry and wants to make a living in it.

“I plan on going to Palomar and then transferring to fashion school (hopefully FIDM) in New York. I would love to be a costume designer for Broadway theater companies because I feel like it combines my love of fashion and theater,” Holmes said.

His discovery for his love of theater has opened many doors and gateways to incredible possibilities. From literature, to the fashion industry, Lance Holmes has discovered the true meaning of being yourself, and that originality is key to making others happy as well as yourself, and staying true to yourself benefits you in priceless ways.

“The most important thing in life is to be true to yourself and who you are. Even if that changes throughout your life, being yourself in this moment will benefit you so much more in the long run,” he stated.