Malik Higgins, Future Major League Rugby Star

Story by Ian Waters, Editor in Chief

Whether it was through medals, brotherhood, friendships, or hard work, Malik Higgins has learned many valuable life lessons, such as trusting yourself, and trusting others. His rugby experiences have played a major part in shaping Higgins into who he is today, by opening his eyes to being grateful for his friendships that hit just a little deeper than others.

His season may be over but that does not stop him from committing to his goals. He has found his path that will lead him onto the road of success in a professional rugby career. His team, The Knights, ended up winning the championship and went undefeated the entire season. Along with that, Higgins was awarded most improved player of the year! 

“My favorite part about playing rugby has to be playing 7’s at a pro game during halftime, and scoring in front of thousands of people,” Higgins said. 

When asked about what he plans to accomplish after graduating he acknowledged that he wanted to continue big rugby experiences and make a career in it when he graduates.

“My main goal after I graduate from Mission Hills is to become a professional rugby player in the San Diego Legion, a major league rugby team. I want to continue in rugby because I’m not ready to let go of the feeling I get when I play it, I hold onto it for dear life afraid to feel the emptiness without it.” Higgins said. 

  Playing rugby has also taught him new skills, physically and emotionally. It has also changed his outlook on the true meaning of brotherhood, having each other’s backs no matter what.

“Rugby has definitely changed me all around, it has made me stronger both physically and mentally. It has shown me a different outlook on what brotherhood really is and that there really are people who will fight with you no matter what. If someone messes up then it’s up to the others to help him and encourage him to try again. If you feel down they will always hype you up, and if you cannot play then it’s up to you to continue supporting your friends and teammates unconditionally. The tears and pain were definitely worth it in the end, and I’m glad I had gone through such an amazing experience,” Higgins said about his new outlook.

Four years at Mission Hills High School has also taught him to trust himself and to not always depend on others. 

“The biggest life lesson I learned was don’t rely on other people for anything, because sooner or later they won’t be by your side, this can help me in the future by becoming more independent and not needing others as much as I did early on in school,” Higgins said.