Joseph Kamandy combats the ‘gamer’ image


Photo by Antonio Morales Leyva

Joseph Kamandy has left a lasting impact on the relationships he’s built throughout high school.

Story by Antonio Morales Leyva, Opinions Editor

Upon meeting Joseph Kamandy, many see the poster child for a stereotypical gamerthe kid who can only communicate in Fortnite dances and who cannot seem to pack on enough deodorant. But though he has killed his fair share of creepers on Minecraft, and battled in one too many death matches, Kamandy’s high school career is not measured in the amount of player versus player matches he’s won. Instead, it is measured in the immense amount of impact he has had on countless students.

   “Joseph has helped me achieve my full potential academically by always pushing me to do my best. While many other people get stressed with their work and can barely help their friends, Joseph has always offered his full support and a lending hand when I need help. He has been a great friend who always offers great help when I need it. Even when his own schedule is busy he still offers his support and help in order to make sure I understand the topics I’m having trouble with. Great friends like him don’t come by easily and I am grateful to have a friend like him who is very considerate, supportive and kind,” Ashley Virabouth (12) said.

   Though his expressions tend to be rather nonchalant, Kamandy is abundantly empathetic, sometimes to a fault. His approachable personality and willingness to help anyone in need has enriched both his high school experience, and everyone he has helped.

   “Ever since I was young, I’ve always been really empathetic. It just makes me feel like such a good person knowing that I’m able to make someone’s day even a tad bit better. I hate to see others struggling and so for the most part, I would offer to help in some way. It mostly comes in the form of helping friends/peers with school work; it just feels rewarding hearing that realization of theirs as they go, ‘ohhhh’, knowing that I was able to clarify and allow them to better understand whatever it may be,” Kamandy said.

   “I got to know Joseph better this year. Every time I had a question with AP Calculus he always helped explain it to me. I was having trouble learning the material in class so it was more difficult at home. I had a bad grade, but I ended the year with a B in the class. I’m positive it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t met Joseph. He’s a great guy and we’re great friends now,” Guadalupe Sebastian Camacho Santiago (12) said.

   Whether it be bonding with someone while facing the rigors of defeating the ender dragon, or by sharing something as simple as overlapping music taste with someone, the relationships Kamandy has built throughout high school are very important to him. Kamandy plans on continuing his friendships and education at UC Irvine where he will study computer science.