HOMH: Hannah Etnyre (12) offers an optimistic outlook on unpredictable circumstances


Photo by Trevor Etnyre

Story by Sophia Perun, Features Editor

“I mean while the uncertainty of the virus is a little scary, I’m thriving without school. Senioritis was hitting hard especially after I accepted my college decision, so if we are done for the year I’m ok with that. I think that teachers should just give us the grades on our most recent progress report and be done! I was calculating the lowest grades I could get in each class to keep my scholarship for college and lost motivation to study for tests and try in class. I’m still in AP classes, but I want a refund on the test because I know for a fact my laziness isn’t going to study online through college board and I’m only in 3 actual classes this semester and still didn’t want to do them. As a senior, I do feel like I’m missing out on those things but in a way we have a different memory than any other senior class will. If prom gets canceled that’s sad, but I mean there are college formals. If anything were to be kept I hope we can still walk across the stage for graduation.”